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Take a Bow: This Bow Bun is Totally Adorable!

The bow bun looks super cute – and super stylish! The best thing is, it’s really easy to do. It’s the perfect hairstyle for cool summer parties and festivals. Here’s how you style it.

There are hairstyles that are perfect for every day: French braids for one, or a scarf-adorned ponytail. Then there are styles that set the tone for special events or parties: Enter the bow bun! This stylish look is great for young women – whether you’re soaking up an awesome music festival or having the best party night of your life, the bow bun will fit right in. The beauty of it: This style looks waaay more complicated than it actually is. We promise! We explain how to do it and help you discover how to make it look even cuter.

How to create a bow bun

To get this look, hair needs to be a little past shoulder length, or longer. The look is easier to create in longer hair. Here’s what you’ll need: Two hair ties, bobby pins, a brush, hair spray and possibly some styling cream. Let’s get started!

Step-by-step instructions to achieve a bow bun:

Bow bun instructions step 1

Perfect starting point for a bow bun: Long hair – colorfully dyed for extra impact.

1) Start by brushing the hair back and tying it into a high ponytail.

one dam image
Give your ponytail a volume kick with volume powder.

2) Now place the second hair tie around the top half of the ponytail.


3) Take the ponytail in one hand and hold it straight up. With your other hand, split the ponytail into two sections between the two hair ties.


4) Position the second hair tie on top of the first one and fasten with bobby pins.


5) You’ve now got two bow loops: Tighten and pull these into shape. Now, split the lower part of the ponytail in two, laying each section in front of the hair ties: One to the left, and one to the right.


6) Cross these two sections over each other and loop them over the center of the bow, tucking the ends under the bow, at the back. Fasten with bobby pins.

one dam image
Secure your bow bun with bobby pins to ensure long-lasting hold.

7) If necessary, adjust the sections of hair in front of the hair ties and secure with additional bobby pins.


8) Fluff up your bow with your fingertips and set with hair spray. Smooth down any flyaway hairs with styling cream.

one dam image
Set your bow bun with hair spray – and you're done.

Make a statement: A bow bun in rainbow bright hair

Bow bun instructions step 5

This look is even more gorgeous in brightly colored hair – try a color-block effect.

This style is even more stunning in brightly colored hair. Try it in hair that’s dyed in one global bright color or – even cooler – in color-block style. With this effect, your bow will be a different color to the rest of your hair, like our demo model’s. Check out her purple roots and pink-red lengths and ends!

For this rainbow hair look, you’ll need a special hair color pack that contains two colors. Important to remember when DIY-coloring: You’ll achieve the best results on blond hair.



Brunettes should discuss with their colorist how to most gently achieve a colorful look. It may take several visits to the salon to lighten your hair enough to achieve a vivid, bright color.