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Simple Braids

We will send you off to a great start if you would like to wear braided hair but have never tried braiding your hair for fear your hands may not serve your creativity. We seriously doubt that you are born with two left hands. You will see! Of course, you have to get started. No matter your level of dexterity, starting with simple braids is a good idea at any rate. We are going to suggest simple braids, which you can master after just a few minutes of practice. Once you are in the groove, you may want to advance to French and herringbone braids. However, that is not to say that simple braids are not just as cool and pretty as their more complex looking cousins

Braids are a very attractive element in hairstyling. Braids definitely add an interesting and useful tool to your styling arsenal. You may want to start with braiding a ponytail, which you can then twist into a sophisticated looking but easy chignon. Simple braids are actually very beautiful. On bad hair days, braids come to the rescue. Braids are a cut above the regular ponytail solution, yet they are as easy to create as twirled hairstyles or semi-updos. The more practice you have the faster you can braid your hair. The few seconds spent with braiding are well worth it. Braids stay pretty all day long even through wind, weather, and athletic activities. Let’s get started!

Simple Braids for Easy Versatile Hairstyles

You are probably very familiar with the braided hairstyle Victoria Beckham wears in our photo. However, this is only one of many ways to use simple braids as styling elements. Luckily, all of them are easy to create. It is your choice whether you want to braid all your hair into one thick braid or create several small braids. 

You may want to make good use of styling aids like volumising powder or dry shampoo. They make braiding easier because they make hair more manageable and keep it from slipping and sliding around. Braids keep their shape better after applying some hairspray. Hair wax helps to shape the hair outside the braids.

We hope that you are now ready to try your hand at styling the simple braids we present in our photo gallery.  

In our video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to style different types of chignons including a chignon involving a simple braid.

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