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Red Carpet Watch: The Golden Globe Awards 2011

The red carpet was rolled out and Hollywood’s stars and celebrities were stepping out to join the event. This year as always the event held our interest. The stars at the Golden Globe Awards on the 16th of January 2011 also presented the new fashion in hair styles, some eccentric, some glamorous, some trendy and all of them interesting

For the 68th time, Hollywood’s beautiful stars strolled over the red carpet to the Beverly Hilton Hotel. They dazzled with their glamorous evening gowns and full-length designer dresses. Like so often before, their hair styles enhanced the glamour of these beautiful women. At the opening event of the upcoming award season the women’s hair styles contributed to the splendour of the event. The cream of the movie scene showcased various hair styles, sophisticated updos, perfect hairdos in the sixties style and feminine curls among them. Remarkably, perfectly styled classical hair styles are the current trend.

We review for you the ten most winning hair styles. As a bonus, also feast your eyes on five men with perfectly styled hair.

Golden Globe Awards 2011: The Best Hair Styles of the Stars

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