Woman with Dutch braid
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New braid trend: the Dutch braid

Everyone knows the French braid. Now, a new braided style is causing a sensation: the Dutch braid. The best thing about it? With our instructions, it’s so easy to achieve!

Braids never go out of style. On the contrary! This look is ever-present, simply changing its shape from time to time. Sometimes braids flaunt French elegance, sometimes Chinese extravagance. Most recently, the Dutch braid has been spotted on the heads of trendsetters. What makes this braided style so special? The Dutch braid lies atop the hair for a 3D look (think: The reverse of a French braid), and is plaited from the crown through to the very ends. Sound interesting? With our instructions, you can try this trend look today.

Instructions: 6 steps to a Dutch braid

To achieve this trend braid, you’ll need at least shoulder-length, and not freshly washed hair – plus a little practice. Let’s get started:

  1. Apply mousse for better hold, and comb hair back.
  2. Divide the front of hair (from temple to temple) into three equal sections. Leave the rest of the hair hanging loose. If you want to plait two parallel Dutch Braids (like the above photo), create a center part and divide your full head of hair into two sections. Then, on the side you want to begin braiding, divide the front of the hair from the center part to the temple into three equal strands.
  3. Now, beginning at the hairline, place the left section under the middle section and then the right section under the middle section. 
  4. As you’re braiding, add a few strands from the inner section to the outer section each time. Repeat the process until there is no more hair to be interwoven and you have reached your neck.
  5. Continue to braid hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. While doing so, make sure that you keep braiding "from underneath" – that is, keep on placing the outer sections alternately under the middle section. This will achieve the 3D look. 
  6. Fix your Dutch braid at the ends with a hair tie – and you're done!
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