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Create Stunning, Romantic Waterfall Braids

The waterfall braid is one of our favorite braided styles. Why do we love it so? Because it’s guaranteed to get you noticed! Here we reveal how to recreate this unique braided look, and how you can switch it up

This trend style sees hair softly “fall” from a braided crown around your head. Sound romantic? It is. It’s a very playful, girly look: Perfect for a date, wedding or Valentine’s Day. It’s also great for prom! The upper layers of your hair are braided into a romantic crown, while the lengths fall loosely – reminiscent of a waterfall. The chic waterfall effect is achieved by omitting a strand of hair each time you weave another step of the braid, in a version of the classic French braid. Here’s our guide to recreating the look.

How to style waterfall braids

As with any other braided style, this look works best on hair that’s not freshly washed, so that it has more grip to it. You can use dry shampoo or volume powder on your roots to freshen up and add even more texture. With a little technique, you can create this romantic hairstyle yourself at home.


  1. Create a side parting, take a section of hair from the front of the head, and divide into three strands. Start braiding on the longer side. Begin braiding as though creating a regular braid.

  2. At the next step of the braid, don’t braid the lowest strand, but instead – drop it! Pick up the strand next to it and braid it in in place of the dropped strand.

  3. Just like when French braiding, gather a little more hair to the uppermost strand and continue braiding.

  4. As in step 2, drop the lower strand again and continue braiding with the strand next to it.

  5. The waterfall braid can be braided around to the back of your head or end over your ears. Wherever you decide to end your braid, secure with a hair tie, hairpins, and hairspray.

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Strands of hair fall from this braid like a waterfall. Pastel shades make for a cool look.

Variants of the waterfall braid

This style is not just for long hair. Even in shorter haircuts, such as a bob, you can style a waterfall braid. This high-impact hairstyle works in both curly and straight hair. Hair lengths can be straightened, or you can create waves or curls before braiding. Colorful hair strands look particularly cool in a waterfall braid. Try a pastel color spray to instantly achieve pink, peach or purple highlights in your hair.

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