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How to make the modern dreadlock

We spotted this new hair trend on the runways at Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Jill Stuart: dreadlocks aka baby dreads are being rediscovered, giving long hair modest but effective highlights

Remember the 90s, when Rasta dreadlocks were among trendsetters’ favorite hair styles? Since then, they’ve gone very quiet, apart from when stars like Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna occasionally turn up wearing narrow braids. But now: good news for Rasta fans: dreadlocks are currently enjoying a comeback, with a slight variation. Instead of wearing the dreads all over their heads, models on the runways were seen with the modern trend hairstyle, thin baby braids nestling randomly in long, loose hair. Less is more, after all. With the great advantage that now it’s much easier to style and look after your dreads than before.

How to do the modern dreadlock

Valentino with Rastahair

Valentino shows what Rastahair 2.0 looks like

The great advantage of Rasta lite is that it’s a cinch to style at home. (Obviously, you need long hair, though.) This is how to do it:


  1. Make a parting with your comb, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the center or at the side.
  2. Separate a thin section of hair and work some anti-frizz cream in, to keep the hair smooth while you’re braiding it.
  3. Braid the section of hair. Tip: braid very tightly to keep it the dreadlock firm. Then fix the end with a transparent mini elastic hairband.
  4. Repeat as often as desired.
  5. Part of the charm of this style is that while the braids are very carefully created, the rest of your hair can look casually tousled, so don’t comb the rest of your hair, leave it messy.
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