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The barrel is tapped: Dirndl Styles with How-to Guide

When the Oktoberfest gets underway in Munich, many women find themselves wondering which hairstyle goes best with their costume. So let us inspire you with our chic and charming Dirndl styles

Braids, crown braid, braid feature… There are plenty of variants on the traditional Dirndl style. The only element that can’t be skipped is the braid! Whether sophisticated or undone, maturely feminine or girly, or with or without accessories… it’s totally up to you!

Take a look at the most beautiful Dirndl styles in our picture gallery.

Gallery: Chic Dirndl Styles

Dirndl Styles: Coiled plait with Accessories

Want to look good even as you stroll through the festival grounds, sway merrily to the music on benches, or ride on the carousel? Then try a coiled plait intertwined with colourful ribbons (see above); perfect for playful fun!

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Pull your hair back and divide it into two large bunches of equal thickness.

2. Tie each bunch into a ponytail at ear height.

3. Fix two ribbons into each ponytail by winding them around your hair band and knotting them.

4. Plait each ponytail into a braid. Plait the ribbons into the braid as you do so.

5. Arrange the braid from right to left over the top of your head like an Alice band, and fix into place with pins.

6. Do the same with the braid on the other side (left to right).

7. Conceal the ends of the braids underneath your new coiled plait and fix the style into place with hairspray.

Tip: If your hair is too short for a sophisticated Dirndl style, don’t worry: you can lengthen your hair using a hairpiece and adjust any style in next to no time.

By the way, Dirndl styles won’t just catch the eye at the Oktoberfest: they are also an extremely attractive look at your best friend’s wedding, a loved one’s birthday celebration, or a trendy cocktail party.