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Cornrows Are Turning Heads!

Cornrows are back! Stars and influencers alike are loving this braided style. These tight, head-hugging braids are perfect for spring and summer. We reveal how to create cornrows, and who can wear the look

What’s the hottest braided hairstyle on the street right now? Cornrows. Originating in Africa, this look has become the street style of the moment thanks to bloggers and influencers. Don’t want a complete head of cornrows? You can try cornrowing just a section of hair. Read on to find out how this looks and how to create these sculptural braids. Discover if cornrows will work for you!  

Cornrows: This is how you do it

Woman with blond cornrows and glasses

Just a few cornrows can work as a highlight in the hair: Influencer Caro Daur shows how it’s done.

In order to be able to braid cornrows, hair needs to be at least four inches long. In general, the longer the hair, the easier the braiding will be. Here’s how you braid them:


  1. First, divide the hair into sections. The thicker the sections, the thicker the cornrows. Fix your sections in place with small hair ties prior to braiding to keep them where you want them and make braiding easier.

  2. Each section will be braided in the same way. Pick up a section, divide into three parts and begin by braiding twice.

  3. Now follow the French braiding technique: Each time one of the outer strands is crossed over the middle strand, gather more hair up from the divided section of hair.

  4. Now you’ve got two options: You can either braid each section down to the ends, or only braid a couple of inches hugging your head. If you choose the latter, the unbraided hair will remain loose and undone. Tip: Use a curling iron to create soft waves in the undone parts – this goes really well with cornrows.

  5. Secure cornrows with small, transparent hair ties.

  6. To finish: Shine spray will give your cornrows a neat, high-shine finish.

Another way to do cornrows: Make a side part and create these cool braids on one side of the head only: The side on which the part sits. The result? A stylish, selfie-ready look that suits young women particularly well.

Care for cornrows

Back view of woman with cornrows and glasses

Stylish all round: These cornrows are a bit thicker and braided right to the nape.

This look works best when the cornrows are braided very close to the head. These can initially feel tight on your scalp, but will loosen up with time. Cornrows can last up to three weeks. When washing your hair, take care not to use too much shampoo as it’s not easy to rinse out of the braids. Tip: Foam shampoo in your hands before putting it in your hair.
To minimize stress on hair: After undoing cornrows, give hair some intensive TLC. Use a mask regularly. Use special care for stressed ends. Soothe your hair by smoothing through a few drops of hair oil.