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Cute, Versatile, Practical: Braids!

Braids look great, are ultra-hip and stay put in your hair forever. But what are your options for braiding different looks? And which looks will suit you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about braids

Simple or intricate, fun or elegant – there’s a braid for every occasion. And the best thing: If done well, they’ll withstand even the longest day (or night!). We tell you what to consider before and after braiding your hair. Check out our gallery to discover our top ten most beautiful braided hairstyles, and the looks they match with.

A short history of braids: Who wore them first?

Even in ancient times, it was very important for women to care for and style their hair. Hairstyles were a true art of the upper classes, because hair was considered a status symbol. She who had good hair clearly belonged to a well-off class of woman. A low bun, elegantly tousled locks, or a herringbone braid – these were all familiar to the ladies of ancient Rome. Clothes generally left shoulders bare and ready to be accentuated with an updo or braids. Focus was on the upper half of the body, the face, shoulders and décolletage. Even today, women like to complement a plunging neckline, a strapless dress or backless tops with beautiful braids. Braids help draw the eye directly to these areas and can further beautify a look.

Why is braiding easier for some than for others?

We know this from prom: While your friend whipped together her own braids at home in front of the mirror, you sat for hours at the hairdresser having yours done – because you just didn’t have the knack for it! Braiding really is one of those things: Some just have more talent for it than others. However! With a little practice and patience, almost anyone can learn to braid well.

It depends on the braid

Anyone who has had their hair braided by a professional knows this much: “Dirty” hair braids better! If it’s too clean, it’s much too smooth and soft. The braid just won’t hold as well. So, if you are planning a French braid or to create a braided crown, wash your hair the night before. Tip: When washing, use a shampoo that gives the hair fullness and volume.
The more texture the hair has, the better and longer the hairstyle will last. We also recommend spreading a blob of mousse in the hair before you begin braiding. Since you often comb the hair when styling, it’s best to add some detangling spray, too. If you work some hair oil into the ends before braiding, you will get a nice shiny, healthy-looking braid.

Secure your braid

Once you’ve finished braiding, you’ll want to secure your braid so it’ll withstand the wildest party you can throw at it. Shorter hair can be fixed with fine hair pins, and any flyaway ends tamed with a little styling cream. Tip: Finally, finish your entire braid with hair lacquer. Important: You want the spray to fix the hair in place, but not cement it! The individual strands of your braid should still appear loose, soft and pretty.  

How to bedazzle your braided style

Wedding hair in particular deserves to be extra special. Braids are beloved by brides who don’t quite want a classic updo, but something more casual. But you don’t have to skimp on glamor entirely! Incorporate pearls, satin or velvet ribbon, or flowers into your braid. Depending on the occasion, chic barrettes embellished with feathers, rhinestones or bling of any sort can also add a stylish touch. Tip: If you want more volume or length, you can also incorporate a temporary hair extension into your braid. Experienced braiders can beautifully blend these into their own hair leaving no one the wiser.

Our top nine favorite beautiful braided hairstyles