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The Best Hairdo Ideas: Braided Fringe

Practical and popular: Not only is the braided fringe a clever way to keep strands of hair out of your face, it is also appealing and eye-catching. Add a special twist to your look with new braided hairdos over the forehead – unusual and suitable for everyday wear, extravagant and easy to style

A trendy new hairdo is in sight: Braided hair is so popular today that new versions are always in demand. This one convinced us right away because it looks outstanding and offers genuine added value too. Even without a lot of practice, the fringe can be styled away from the face in a few steps with the new braiding hit – practical and attractive in one. And the look – messy, sleek or glamorously styled – is suitable for any occasion and every outfit. From a styling contrast (rocking meets romantic) to sports chic (keyword athleisure) – the braided fringe is highly adaptable. Who can wear it? Okay, it gets difficult with a micro-fringe or pixie, but otherwise the styling works in fringes of any length. Do you have what it takes for the next hairdo favourite? With our instructions, definitely.

The Braided Fringe: What Makes It Eye-Catching

Styled in the undone look (left) or as a sleek braid (right) – the braided hairdo usually ends in a ponytail (centre)

The best thing about the braided fringe: It is marvellously changeable. As a thin braid, thick braid, styled in the sleek look or in waves – here the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just try out a few versions and decide what works best with your hair. If your fringe reaches to the eyebrows you should make a French braid. But if your hair is of one length, you can make all your braiding dreams come true. From fabulous with an open mane to cool with a severe braid or avant garde with an asymmetrical look – the sophisticated braided insert uniquely frames the face every time.

Braided Fringe: Step-by-Step Instructions

But enough philosophising about the popular braided attraction – it is time to act. Take control of your hair and follow our braided bangs program.

What you need: Mousse, comb, hair elastics, hair pins, hairspray

How it’s done:

1. For added grip, apply a tennis ball size quantity of styling foam to towel dried hair and then blow-dry it.

2. Comb out your hair and form a low side parting.

3. Part off a section of hair at the crown and divide it into three strands.

4. Start by making a French braid along the hairline over one half of the forehead. In order to do so, lay the left strand over the middle one and then the right strand over the middle one.

5. Repeat this process, adding a small section of hair from the outside to the left and right strands with each braiding step.

6. Continue this way to neck level, then add the remaining lengths to the braid and tie it into a ponytail or chignon.

7. Secure the braided section with hair pins in addition and apply hairspray to the hairdo.

Styling tip: For a cool, messy look, loosen up the braid and hairdo a bit and allow a few strands of hair to escape.