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Boxer Braids: Clear the Ring for the Trendy Braided Hairdo

Announcing the next round of styling for braids: Now they are capturing catwalks, red carpets and the streets. Why are models, celebrities and street style pros picking up on this sporty braided hairdo? No question: Boxer braids are asserting themselves as the hair trend of champions!

From the boxing ring to the fashion league! Hillary Swank’s braided hairdo in the prize-winning film 'Million Dollar Baby' has boxed its way through to become the new favourite of hair trendsetters. Literally, since boxer braids had to shake their image as a cool hairdo for fighting sports before being celebrated in a big way today – from celebrities to the catwalk. The two severe braids close to the skull are no longer worn just for training or in the fitness studio but everywhere and anywhere (even at posh events). Styling contrast is crucial for the braiding trend in the boxer look: Rather than sporty styles like a tank top and jogging pants, the boxer braids are combined with feminine outfits. That way the sporty hairdo lends a true power contrast to the look. It knocks our socks off! Another point in favour of the French braids, also known as cornrows: the hairdo has stamina for far more than 12 rounds, easily lasting 12 hours. Everything stays in place with no fear of a visual knock-out. We call that a lucky punch!

Hair Styling Instructions: Boxer Braids

Boxer Braids

Picture-perfect boxer braids: Designer Isabella Rose Taylor bets on the classic pigtail braid version

Not your weight class? Don’t lose heart, boxer braids are truly a winning look. You may need braiding help from your girlfriend at first, but with some training you are sure to become a pro in next to no time. Forming the boxer braids evenly is the key. Ready to rise to the challenge?

What you need: Shoulder length or longer hair, a comb, mousse, a hair clip, two thin hair elastics, hairspray and a bit of patience


How to make the hairdo of champions:

  • To get a good grip on your hair so nothing slips out of your grasp while braiding and the boxer braids are easier to style, work a tennis ball size portion of mousse into towel dried hair. Then blow dry your mane.
  • Comb your hair, form an exact centre parting with a styling comb and divide the mane into two sections.
  • Pin one section aside with a hair clip and start with the other half (tip: start on the right if you are right handed, on the left if you are left handed): Part off three smaller strands starting at the forehead and make a French braid in your hair, heading for the back of the neck. Meaning: For the French braid, a bit more hair is always added to each strand and included in the braid, alternating on the left and right.
  • Finally the braid is secured at the ends of the hair with a thin hair elastic (ideally matching the hair colour).
  • Now move on to the other side and make a French braid the same way. Make sure the distance to the ear and centre parting is the same.
  • Finally secure the hairdo with hairspray or spread some glossy gel on your hands and distribute it over the braids. Finished!

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Boxer Braids