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Trend: Wob style

Fresh, trendy, smart: We loosen up for the season’s in hairstyle! We tell you how the stars are styling the bob with soft waves today. Shhhh! It’s simple to do...

Presenting the wob – brother of the bob. Currently a hot trend favoured over the old familiar style. Stars and stylists are enraptured by the wob. We too think it is wonderful: the wavy bob. Why is this trend hairstyle causing such a wave of enthusiasm? It is the recipe for success: Free your mind! The favourite new hairstyle frees itself of rigid styling rules and demonstrates how casual yet fashionable a curly mane can be.

Wob report: All about the new trend style

The wob is simply stylish and classy! Not to mention versatile, since its waviness is permitted to vary from a mere super soft hint to large, gentle waves. Wow, the wob!

Benefits of the wob style

– Flatters virtually any facial shape

– Suitable for all hair textures

– Creates various looks

– Little styling effort

With the curling iron or as a beach waves styling, how to make your bob wavy is entirely up to you. Our hair expert Armin Morbach shows you both versions:

Video: How to style natural curls in your hair

Video: Conjure beach waves in your hair