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Trend Style: The Long Bob with Sixties Bubble Flip

One look from the fall/winter 2018/19 shows that you should style right now: the long bob with sixties bubble flip. Achieve this retro hairstyle lickety-split with a flat iron and hairdryer. We show you how it looks – and how to style it  

We’ll admit it: wearing a sixties bubble flip can lend you an air of the perfect Swinging Sixties housewife. But it doesn’t have to! The fall/winter 2018/19 shows provided living proof of how emancipated and stylish a bubble flip can look. Even the iconic power woman, former first lady and style icon Jackie Kennedy loved the look. The perfect cut for this style: a blunt cut long bob or shoulder-length bob. Think this look could be for you? Read on to see for yourself, and find out just how easy it is to style.

How do you style a bob with a bubble flip?

That’s easy. A bob or long bob with a bubble flip is quick to achieve with a flat iron (or a large round brush) and a hair dryer. This is how you do it: after washing, work styling mousse through hair. This ensures that the flip will hold. If you’re styling your flip with a round brush, first blow dry hair until almost dry. Then divide hair into sections, roll them around the brush, hold and blow dry. Before unrolling, blast with cold air. Finally, fix with hair spray.   

one dam image
Cool retro look: the long bob with 60s bubble flip.

If you use a flat iron, dry your hair completely beforehand. After washing, work through styling mousse and also apply heat protection spray to ends when dry. Divide hair into sections and twist ends around the flat iron. Carefully unroll, let cool and fix with hairspray.

Who can wear a long bob with a bubble flip?

Model with a lob and bubble flip on the runway

Cool combination: a lob with a bubble flip combined with a bright yellow print.

The bubble flip is great for women with fine hair, lending extra dimension to their tresses. To prevent the look becoming too conservative – or too girly – combine it with a uniquely stylish outfit: try a bold pattern or bright colors.