Woman with long bob – Tousled bob
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The new long bob: The tousled lob

The stylish long bob is getting a trendy update! Styled messily, with layers: meet the tousled lob. Want to know how this new bob style is achieved? We reveal all

Haircuts are destined to become favorites when, above all else, they look great and are easy to style. A cut which meets these criteria from the roots to the tips: The bob and its countless variations. Particularly beloved are the wavy bob, the long bob and the choppy lob. And now there’s an entirely new bob on the block, boasting a coolness factor which we warmly welcome onto the style scene: The tousled lob – a roughed-up long bob. This haircut couldn’t be more relaxed, making it the frontrunner for the prize of most stylish casual hairstyle of fall 2017.

How the tousled lob is created

Rachel McAdams mit Tousled Bob und Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights bring the tousled lob to life – as seen here on actress Rachel McAdams.

The length of the tousled lob is identical to that of the long bob: The cut frames the face and ends at shoulder length. To achieve the namesake tousled styling, the cut needs to incorporate strong layers, and the ends should also be slightly thinned. Tip: This relaxed cut suits an equally casual color. For increased movement in the hair, highlights in blond tones can be painted on individual strands using the balayage technique.

Tousled lob, easy styling

Hair styling could not be easier. The tousled lob is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair in the morning. After washing, work through a heat-protecting product and blow dry until almost dry. For even more texture, apply a saltwater spray and twist individual sections around a curling iron. Select random sections for the most natural result. Important: For a messy finish, loosen up the curled strands with your fingers. Tip head upside down and apply hair spray. Then lift the head again, knead hair apply a final finish of hair spray. Women with curls or waves have it easier: After washing, simply work through a curling balm work and blow dry hair with a diffuser attachment.

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