Woman with glass hairstyle
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Styling Trend for Bobs: Glass Hair

A razor-sharp bob that’s super straight and reflects the light is the trend hairstyle of the season. We show you how to style “glass hair”.

Looking for an elegant hairstyle? How about a super smooth, shiny bob? The trend look of the moment is known as glass hair: Hair that reflects the light through its smooth, glassy, mirror-like surface. The base for the look is an accurate, geometrically cut bob without layers. Hair color also plays a big role: Glass hair looks exceptionally elegant in black or dark brown tones. We reveal here how to style the look.

How to make glass hair

For the hair to shine beautifully, it must first be cared for optimally. Tip: A tint gives your natural hair color an extra dose of shine. Your hair-washing routine should include shampoo, conditioner, and a once-a-week mask. It’s best to use a suite of matching products from the same care line, as these are optimally matched to work together. A smoothing care series or a color protection series provides the perfect foundation for a smooth bob. After shampooing and conditioning, you can spread a few drops of hair oil through the lengths and ends of the hair. Create a parting of your choice and blow dry hair using a round brush. Use a brush with natural bristles, because synthetic bristles can electrically charge your hair.

Important: Always apply a heat protection product before styling. Then divide the hair into several sections and straighten with a flat iron. Smooth down protruding baby hairs at your hairline with a little styling cream or shine wax. For a glossy finish, spritz a shine spray over your entire style. Elegantly shiny glass hair is the perfect look for festive occasions such as Christmas and New Year's Eve. This look is even red-carpet ready: All eyes will be on you!