Kobieta z blond fryzurą asymetryczny bob
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Side-swept bob – the haircut of tomorrow

Bored with the bob? That does not go together. The latest update proves it: the popular classic hairdo is now being worn in the trendy side-swept style. That is cool, rebellious, feminine and quite simply ultra-modern! We present the in-look and hairstyling instruction.

In soft waves or with a fringe, crisp and short or shoulder length... the bob is more versatile and flexible than just about any other haircut. No wonder the bob is in such high demand. And since this timeless classic also keeps getting reinterpreted and developed, more hairstyle facets are always being added. As currently with the styling. Here the bob imitates the great, or rather the long. The side-swept look has always been a hit in long hair and the bob is following suit: now mid-length hair is also being styled to one side and worn asymmetrically. Trendsetters, celebrities, style icons and we love the side-swept bob!


But what does “side-swept” actually mean? Quite simply, the hair is brushed or styled to one side. To create the side-swept look, form a side parting (exactly with a tail comb or naturally freehand), style the shorter side to the back and secure it (either concealed entirely or smoothed behind the ear) and wear the other half of your hair open. The asymmetry not only makes the bob an extravagant eye-catcher, it also visually adds fullness and volume (at least on one side) – this is cool and classy in one.


Side-swept bob, the all-round talent

Now the best news: the side-swept bob can truly be worn by anyone! Since the hairdo can be individually tailored, for instance with additional layers or a shorter section at the back of the head, the hairstyle works with hair of any texture. You can also play with the styling versions, wearing your hair straight and feathered on the open side or entirely in waves. Either way the look is trendy and casual.

Hair styling instructions: wavy side-swept bob

Want to get to know the trendy bob from its spirited side? Create the look yourself in just five simple steps!

What you need: mousse, heat protectant spray, round brush, hairspray, blow dryer, straightening iron

  1. Distribute an approximately walnut sized amount of mousse in towel dried hair.
  2. Generously apply heat protectant and blow dry the hair over a round brush.
  3. Twist your hair into waves strand by strand with a straightening iron. How it’s done: apply the straightening iron, turn it 180° and slowly pull it to the end of the strand.
  4. Shake out the curls upside-down, form a parting and style one side all the way back.
  5. Finally secure everything with hairspray.