Hair Styling | Bob hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson’s short hair is soft and feathery

The Look:

Singer and actress Ashlee Simpson said good-bye to her long mane and now looks very attractive with her blonde irregularly stepped mini-bob haircut. The exceptionally long side parting is heavily thinned out. It is important to have this hair style trimmed regularly about every four to five weeks. Otherwise, this hair style may create a neglectful appearance.

You need a leave-in hair cure, a blow-dryer, a paddle brush, hair spray and styling spray.

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Before you blow-dry your hair you should apply a leave-in spray cure. Your hair will then fall very softly
  2. After you have applied the hair cure, blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a paddle brush. Tilt your hair slightly to the side while blow-drying it and brush your hair several times against the grain. Do this with your hair in the back of your head as well
  3. As a finishing touch pull the bevelled fringes into the forehead and apply a trace of styling spray, which will give your hair more shine. Apply some hair spray for better hold