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Long Bob: A Very Versatile Style

Classics like the long bob are timeless, flexible and stylish. Discover here what else makes this hairstyle so popular, and how you can style it

The long bob has become a true classic – we’re never going to give it up! In 2019, this longer-length bob is still on top among must-have styles. But what makes the “lob” so popular? Clearly: its flexibility! And it has even more to offer:

Long bob:

A haircut ending between chin (classic bob length) and shoulder length. 

8 benefits of the long bob

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • The perfect transitional hairstyle
  • Long enough for great updos
  • Makes you look younger in an instant
  • Different versions: from glamorous (sleek) to casual (wavy)
  • Styled in just a few easy steps
  • Always on trend
  • With “bob” in the name, this hairstyle is bound to be a classic!

Who suits a long bob?

This haircut is for just about any woman – no matter what her hair type, face shape and preferred fashion style is. The lob loves everyone!

Oval face:
Those with an oval face shape have already won the hairstyling lottery: you can wear almost any haircut. A long bob will support the harmony of the uniform shape of your head, with lengths down to your shoulders framing your lean features. Styling tip: wear a center part or long bangs.

Round face: For those with rounder faces, a layered long bob works best. Upper layers give the top of your head some volume, shifting the proportions and thereby visually elongating your face. Styling tip: wear your long bob with a soft side part or side-swept long bangs.

Angular face: Women with angular features need a soft contrast to compensate for this. A fringy, layered long bob gives your face a soft frame. Styling tip: gentle waves add flattering movement to your lob.


The long bob is a multifaceted style. Discover the most beautiful versions in our image gallery:

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