Woman with Choppy Bob
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Here's what makes the Choppy Bob so trendy

There are many takes on one of our favorite hairstyles, the trusty Bob –  the Choppy Bob is a new trendy variation. Different hair lengths are combined into one cool look that's easy to style. We reveal how to get a Choppy Bob and who it looks best on.

Choppy Bob is a fancy way of saying: medium-long hair, don't care. It's a haircut with a laid-back attitude. Unlike other Bobs, the hair isn't cut to one length, but in layers. The great thing about the trendy Choppy Bob: This layered cut is sexy, uncomplicated and easy to handle. It's a perfect cut for women with very thick hair. The layers add structure and shape, without losing volume.

Here's why the Choppy Bob is so easy to style

The casual layered look is perfect for every day and can be styled quickly to suit any occasion. What sets the Choppy Bob apart is the cheeky, fresh twist added by its different lengths. They lend the haircut lightness and movement, which makes it particularly easy to style.

Here's how to style the Choppy Bob

Styling it is easy-peasy: Before blow-drying, apply heat protection and a hazelnut-sized portion of hair foam for added grip. The great thing is that the Choppy Bob can be made wavy by using a diffuser attachment or smooth by drying it with a round brush. The wavy version is a fast styling hack if you're in a hurry. Use styling wax to accentuate individual strands.

The Bob isn't the only haircut that can be worn "choppy"

You can also ask for a choppy version of short haircuts like the Pixie, transforming it into a Choppy Pixie. Also the Long Bob, or Lob, can become a Choppy Lob. Narrow faces look more expressive and round faces appear more defined with these choppy variations on classic styles.