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French bob: the trend that’s not just for the French

Yes, you can wear the French bob even if you’re not French! The best thing about it is that it’s quick to style and works for just about any hair structure. And naturally wavy hair is actually a plus for this one – extra cool! Read on to find out about the French bob and how to style it

French women: they may not turn everything they touch to gold but they certainly add style. They wear timeless classics – skinny jeans, white shirts, striped tops, blazers – and on their heads they wear the bob. Not just any bob, because anyone can do that, but their own, very French bob. So can you only wear it if you were born looking at the Eiffel Tower? No: this coolest of styles can be worn even if you don’t eat baguette for breakfast every day.

Who does it suit?

Apart from look cool and amazing, the French bob has lots going for it. The best thing is that is suits more or less anyone. The exact cut (length and layers) depends on your face shape and hair structure but it always ends somewhere at the chin, either cut straight or curving in slightly. That’s gives it its special character and makes it so French: other classic bobs tend to be longer. Plus the French bob always has bangs, which can be a bit feathery and must fall to the eyebrows, definitely no shorter.

How to style it

Woman with french bob hairstyle in Messy Finish

The French bob looks best when it’s a bit messy

Styling the French bob is easy: it’s all about a laissez-faire attitude rather than a perfect, blow-dried look. Messy is good. Too accurately styled and it looks severe, totally lacking that French nonchalance. But be careful, messy doesn’t mean sloppy: what you’re going for is an out-of-bed look that you can wear to any occasion. Simply work a texturing spray into straight hair after washing it, and moisturizing spray into wavy hair. No need to blow dry or straighten it: you can let your hair dry naturally and then adjust the style with your fingertips. Finish with a few puffs of shine spray – and you’re done!

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