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Chin-Length Hair: Bob Wins

A short haircut is likely to offer much more leeway for creativity than you may think – for instance, our trendy Pretty Jaws look proves just how changeable chin-length hairdos are. Jennifer Lawrence and Lea Sedoux are among those who dared to make the chin-length cut. We present the most beautiful versions of this multifunctional hairstyle

You want a bob? Go for it – short hair is mega popular right now. There is good reason the bloggers, Instagram users, influencers and stars of this world are duelling with the popular #ShortHairDontCare hashtag. Since the keyword appeared with nearly 1.4 million pictures on Instagram alone, the trend is undeniable. This is also proven by our Pretty Jaws in look – chin-length, classy, a blockbuster among our trendy hairdos for 2016. So you are in the best of company with a short cut. And especially with the bob. What makes it so popular? It is short and therefore practical, but still long enough and therefore feminine. The best thing about it: this mid-length hairdo is easy and versatile to style. The bob offers fashion and styling possibilities like hardly any other haircut – curly, sleek, wavy, knotted, tied up, with hair clips... In addition to the many hairdo facets, we love the bob for its changeability: It can be elegant, cool, sporty, sexy and so much more.

Hollywood has recognised this as well. The most beautiful actresses have parted with their long manes in favour of the bob. Stars are presenting themselves with chin-length hair from casual to super glamorous, demonstrating why they love the hairdo multi-talent so much.

The bob appears especially extravagant with straight hair. An exact cut makes it sophisticated. The base length extends to the chin (front strands and back of the neck), the sides fall asymmetrically from the front to the clavicles. Bob and clavi-cut come together in this hairdo as an absolutely trendy duo! Be sure to style this look with a centre parting to bring it out to perfection.

How it’s done:
Form a centre parting and apply heat protectant to the hair. Then work the hair strand by strand with the straightening iron. Turn the tips in very slightly. Finally apply gloss spray to the hairdo for ultra-sleek chic.

Kristen Steward & co. also show us how changeable the chin-length bob is – see for yourself: