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Bob update: new trend hairstyle – the choppy lob

A new star has appeared in the bob heavens: the choppy lob. It’s the long bob we know and love but now with soft layers. Why’s the choppy lob our new favorite, will it suit you and how do you style it? Read on to find out

What happens if you cross the long bob, otherwise known as the lob, with some gorgeous, long layers? You get an incredibly trendy look that’s really getting noticed, and it’s called the choppy lob. Super easy to style and it doesn’t matter what shape your face is – this style’s perfect for women with long hair who want a subtle change. The choppy lob sits nicely in the middle between long and short – just the right length to tie up in a ponytail.

How it’s cut

Top feature for the choppy lob is that the hair reaches your shoulders at its longest point. The rest of the hair is layered into different lengths, making the look modern, flirty, and fun. Make sure the layers aren’t cut too short otherwise you’re going to look really old fashioned, really quickly: the shortest layer shouldn’t be any shorter than chin length.

How it’s styled

Styling the choppy lob is a breeze, as we’ve already said. After you’ve washed your hair, work in a little styling mousse. Blow-dry using a diffusor or let your hair dry naturally. The feathery long bob looks at its most chilled when it’s slightly messy and wavy. Massage a few drops of hair oil into the ends to finish off the style.

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