Woman with a red-brown bob hairstyle, wearing a white shirt
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Everyone’s Talking About the Bob

It’s practical, easy to maintain and crazy hip. In fact, the bob might just be the coolest hairstyle on the planet! We reveal why it never goes out of style, and the hottest bob styles to wear today

A sign of your emancipation: the bob

In the 1920s, women around the world were sick of complying with tired old images of femininity. Enter: the bob! The first wave of women’s emancipation started rolling and with it came short haircuts, considered unfeminine at the time. Emancipated women gave shape to the 1920s bob with their radical new ‘dos. The style ended around the earlobes, and featured blunt, straight bangs. Coco Chanel and the silent film stars of the era proved just how feminine this cool cut could be.




In the 1960s, the bob made a comeback, triggered by the youth movement of the swinging Sixties and the sexual revolution. Compared to other elaborate, fussy styles of the day (think big 1950s hair), the bob was characterized by one very special feature: it was easy care! Instead of standing in front of the mirror for hours, bob-wearing women had more time for important stuff – enjoying themselves and being politically active.

5 reasons to wear a bob

  1. The bob never goes out of style.
  2. A bob is easy-care and practical.
  3. It’s suitable for every hair type and every age group.
  4. There’s a version of the bob to suit everyone.
  5. A bob can be versatile: style it according to your mood.

The many faces of the bob

Why does the bob never go out of style? Because this hairstyle is the queen of reinvention. There are so many versions of the bob that it can be tricky deciding which one to choose! Along with variety, bobs are great for women of all ages, with all types of hair. Whether you’re straight or curly haired, with a creative or conservative job, young or old – there’s a bob for you. Designers and stars discovered the versatility of this look long ago. Still not sure? Start with the shoulder-length long bob. Graphic bob hairstyles like the pageboy can be a real trademark – just look at Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of US Vogue. If you find precisely chin-length, blunt bangs look too severe, add some fine layers. Extra cool: the choppy bob, which adds movement to the hair, thanks to tons of layers. It’s an ideal look for women with thick hair. If you have natural curls, you can wear a wavy bob or a curly bob.

The bob: so easy, so versatile

Wash and go: that’s the motto when styling a bob. Thanks to the shorter length, you can usually just let it air dry and it still looks fantastic. An air-drying styling product like Taft Casual Chic Air Dry Foam adds volume and fights frizz.


If you’re going from long to short, or growing from short to long, the bob is a perfect transitional, layered look that won’t require frequent visits to the salon. One exception: the graphic bob. This one requires some commitment! Its trademark accurate lines will need regular attention from your hairdresser.

The bob gets bonus points for its versatility – the styling possibilities go on and on! Shine spray adds a perfect finish for the evening, while during the day, some styling cream wax will define a layered bob. Use a curl-enhancing product curl reviver milk to bring a bob featuring natural curls into shape.

The multi-faceted bob can be worn straight or curly, with soft beach waves, half-up, or totally on-trend in a wet look. For a night out, style it glamorously with finger waves, or accessorize it. Choose a bob, and you can reinvent your style every day.