Victoria Beckham with bob hairstyle
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Beautiful Bobs for 2018

We love the Bob! The cut isn't just popular with us, but also with celebrities. No other haircut is as flattering, versatile and at the same time low-maintenance. We took a look at some celebrity heads and curated the most beautiful bobbed styles of the stars. Be inspired and choose your personal favorites

Are you thinking of cutting your hair into a bob for 2018? Great idea! Women with short hair  are generally judged to be confident and intelligent. But a bob is also perfect cut for long-haired women who want shorter, but not ultra-short hair. A Bob is classically beautiful, suits young and old alike and offers plenty of variations. From a Long Bob to a Curly Bob, or the short version: (almost) anything goes in 2018. We show you bobbed hair that's worth giving up your long locks for.