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The Best Travel Hairstyles and Styling Tips

Your hair should be at its best whether you take a short trip or a long one and whether you go by car, bus, train or plane. The ideal hairstyle for any kind of trip requires a minimum of styling effort but still looks organised and beautiful. We share with you our best travel styling tips. In our gallery, you may find the right hairstyle solution for your next trip

Successful travellers are flexible and mindful of their surroundings. Unnecessary distractions from the trip and the surroundings are quite unwelcome. Therefore, it is best to wear comfortable attire and a simple hairstyle, which does not need constant attention. Of course, that does not mean that all fashion considerations are suspended for the trip. Both attire and hairstyles can be simple and simply smashing at the same time.

Hair Styling on the Go: A Hairstyle for Every Place

Elaborate hairstyles are out of style for travellers. Besides, intricate styling would be a waste of time because teased hair, extravagant curls or complicated braids would not stand up to the conditions of most trips. Travel hairstyles must conform to a specific set of standards. Always practical are the old standby hairstyles like the chignon or a simple ponytail. They keep the hair out of the face and allow for the vagaries of weather and schedules a traveller may face. Gather your hair low in the neck or on the side so that you can lean back in your seat. Straight or straightened hair works well for a day-trip. The style is perfect for the adventures of a tourist and elegant enough for an evening on the town or a relaxed dinner in a restaurant.

Hair Styling on the Go: Going Places and Staying in Style

Even if you prefer to travel light, it pays to have a few styling aids at hand during trips. Dry shampoo freshens up a hairstyle, which has fallen flat, and volumising powder works wonders especially for undone hairstyles. Don’t forget to pack a small brush, a spare scrunchy, and a few extra hair clips and slides.

We share more styling ideas with you in our gallery. In his video tutorial, hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to blow-dry and straighten your hair right before you venture out on a trip.

Video: How to Blow-Dry and Straighten Hair