Dark Blond Man with Five-Day Beard in blue jacket.
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Beard Trends 2019: Styles You Need to Know

Whether hipster mustache, sexy designer stubble or impressive ZZ beard: In 2019, guys will be wearing their facial hair with pride. Discover which styles are hot now, how to properly care for your beard, and which facial hair style will suit you

When it comes to men’s hair, guys get a whole extra set of trends to try out alongside hairstyle trends: Beard trends! And facial hair has rarely before been as hot as it is now in 2019. Get wise to which beard styles to wear now: We reveal the four hottest looks.

Beard trend 2019: mustache

Man with dark long hair, mustache and hat leaning on a caravan

Men, it’s official: The mustache is back.

For both young and old, the classic mustache is experiencing a revival. This year it’s a mega-trend. Ahead of the trend is Johnny Depp, who loves the look in all its variations: Sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes crazy, sometimes classic. The key essentials for a mustache are an accurate shave and no gaps. Clear edges and dense hair growth are a must.

Style and shape your mustache with a little pomade for a handsome, groomed look.

Beard trend 2019: designer stubble

Man with dark hair and designer stubble in a gray shirt.

Always in style: designer stubble.

It grows fast, looks sexy, and makes a statement. No other beard is as cool and casual as designer stubble – aka the three-day beard.

Although this style looks nonchalant, it doesn’t just happen. Even cool stubble needs a little care and attention. If your beard is bristly and out of shape, it’ll just look neglected. The key: Regular trimming!

Got three days of growth, but haven’t achieved your best designer stubble look yet? No worries: Ironically, most men need around six days to get a nice so-called three-day beard!

Beard trend 2019: five-day beard

Smiling man with dark blond hair and five-day beard wearing a hat sitting outdoors.

Allow your five-day beard ten days of growth to reach its full potential.

Achieved the three-day beard and ready to up your game? Go further with the new trend: The five-day beard. This style is distinctive and really sexy. The five-day beard shouldn’t just look wild and unshaven, but rather intentional and well maintained. Action plan: Let it grow for two days, then trim. Individual whiskers grow at different speeds, so it’s important to keep adjusting the overall beard length, down to the shortest whiskers. Note: Your five-day beard might take you ten days to achieve – give it enough time for it to fill out to perfection.  

Beard trend 2019: full beard aka ZZ beard

Smiling dark blond-haired man in a muscle shirt with a well-groomed full beard.

As its name implies, a full beard requires a strong growth of beard.

It’s manly, it’s beard #goals: The full beard – also known as the ZZ beard. Unfortunately, not every guy can wear this look, which needs full, dense hair growth. Sound like you? Then you can probably master a full beard just as well as those dudes from ZZ Top – the hirsute 70s/80s rockers and namesake of this beard style. Those whose facial hair growth is more modest should steer well clear of the ZZ beard – or you’ll quickly find yourself in wild territory.

To keep everything under control, your full beard must be regularly trimmed back to an even length. But only while dry! If you cut your whiskers while they’re wet, you risk achieving an uneven result. Care for your beard by washing it now and then with a mild beard shampoo, which will help it to feel smooth. Want more care? Try a nourishing beard oil. This will also help combat itchiness as your beard grows in.

Proper beard care

Man lathering himself for wet shaving in front of a mirror.

Good grooming is the key to a good beard.

Almost every guy can grow a beard. But only a few can achieve a really good-looking beard. A lot of it comes down to the right care. A few products are indispensable: Skincare products in particular! Keep your face moisturized to avoid dry and flaky skin – no one wants beard dandruff! If you’re not used to having a beard, your skin may feel itchy at first. Try a mild skin exfoliator and follow it up with a nourishing moisturizer.

Fresh beard growth demands a little TLC. Keep your beard clean by using a mild hair shampoo. Alternatively, you can wash your beard every two to three days with a special beard shampoo. Beard oils, special combs and pomades will help finish your look. Then you can head out with your head held high: And with your immaculately groomed beard perfectly complementing your hairstyle!