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Beards: Our favorite styles for 2020

Whether it's a hip moustache, sexy three-day beard or an impressive full beard: 2020 is the year for men to proudly show off their beards. Here you can find out which styles are in and how to take care of your beard properly.


When it comes to men's hair, new trends are constantly appearing. This doesn't just refer to the hair on your head, but also includes beards! And rarely has facial hair been so stylish as it has this year. But which beard shapes are trendy at the moment? We show you the four hottest looks here.

Beard Trend 2020: Moustache

It looks great no matter your age: the classic moustache is experiencing a comeback and is very in this year. We love the look in all variations: sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes kooky, sometimes classic. The most important thing about the moustache is that it is trimmed properly and there are no gaps. Clean edges are required. You can style and shape your moustache with a little pomade - enabling you to achieve a well-groomed look. A more slim-lined version of the moustache is also becoming increasingly popular. To do this, cut the hair a little shorter above your upper lip and style it into a strip. The difference to the classic moustache is that this one is significantly shorter – between 2 and 4 inches long. It is also rather smooth and defined at both ends.

Beard Trend 2020: Three-day beard

This style is already a classic in the beard world. The three-day beard grows quickly, looks great and really makes a statement. There aren't many beards that look this bold and laid-back.


Although this style looks casual and unkempt, it still requires some effort to get right. If your beard hair is brittle and loses its shape quickly, it won't take much for it to look disheveled. That is why regular trimming is an absolute must! And don't worry if your beard doesn't look perfect after three days: Most men need six days or more days for the perfect "three-day beard".

Beard Trend 2020: Five-day beard

Those who have successfully achieved the three-day beard look can try a new trend this year: the five-day beard. This beard style is not only striking, but also really sexy. The five-day beard shouldn't look unshaven-wild, but should be deliberately grown in such a way that it can be styled and look well-groomed. That means: let your beard grow for two days and then trim it, this is because individual beard hairs grow at different speeds. It is important to always trim your beard to the length of the shortest hairs. A five-day beard may take ten days to achieve, but it will worth it. A perfect match to the five-day beard is another new trend: the sideburn beard. It runs symmetrically down both cheeks and connects your hair with the rest of your beard. 

Beard Trend 2029: Full beard

For some men, growing a thick, full beard has become something like a holy grail. But unfortunately not every guy can pull it off since you need full, gapless beard growth. But if you have been blessed with these characteristics, then go for it!


To keep everything under control, your beard has to be trimmed regularly. Make sure to always cut it dry because if you cut your beard wet, the result won't be too pretty. You should also wash your full beard with a mild beard shampoo from time to time to make it more supple. A nourishing beard oil also wouldn’t go amiss. This helps stop itching while your beard is growing.

The right beard care

Anyone can have a beard, but only a few can make it look good. This is down to the proper hair care and the fact that there are some beard products that you simply can't do without. A moisturizing cream helps to prevent your skin from looking dry. Dry skin flakes do not look good in a beard. If you are not used to having a beard, your skin will itch a little at first. A mild peeling and a nourishing cream will help.

Once you've got your beard where you want it, you have to keep it nice and clean. We recommend a mild shampoo such as Schauma for Men, or using a special beard shampoo every two to three days. Beard oils such as Got2b Phenomenal Conditioning Oil, special brushes, and pomades will bring out the best in your beard. Do you want to know more about the right care? Our beard guide explains which type of care is perfectly suited for your beard.