Hair Styling | Banana updo

Glamour-Look 1: The high banana with side parting is shown here by Natalie Portman

The image of winners: Black Swan protagonist and Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman enchanted the jury and the audience with her ballet scenes as well as with her classy updo

Here is how it’s done:

  • Step 1: Your hair should at least reach to your shoulders. Use a blow-dryer and a round brush to straighten your hair. The hair style is easier to achieve if you wait a few hours after shampooing your hair because freshly washed hair is less manageable
  • Step 2: Part your hair low on one side and brush it back
  • Step 3: Pull your hair to one side and pin your hair from the bottom to the top with hair slides
  • Step 4: Now fold your hair over to the other side so that it forms a banana. Then secure the banana updo with hair pins. It is important to pin the banana all the way up from the neck to the top of your head. That makes the banana hair style look full rather than flat. Push stray hair ends underneath the banana and secure them with hidden hair pins
  • Step 5: Apply some hair spray and press protruding hair down. Finish the look with some varnishing spray