Jessica Biel with banana bun at the Oscars 2017
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Banana Bun: trending now

Hollywood star Jessica Biel is officially a new beauty icon. On the night of the Oscars 2017, the wife of singer Justin Timberlake completely stole the show from the glamorous competition. The trend setter wore a sexy Cleopatra dress in shimmering gold and crowned it with a Banana Bun. The compliments poured in! Read on to find out exactly what a Banana Bun is, why it’s become so hip, and how you can style it yourself with just a few simple twists.


The classic Banana had gone a bit out of style probably because it looked so old-school and prim. But it’s so easy to make it sexy and modern. The trick is simply to make a low French twist and then loosely roll it up into a longer shape. Wear the bun with a middle parting and cat eye makeup, like Jessica Biel – and you won’t know where to hide from all the attention!

How to make the Banana Bun

Jessica Biel with banana bun at the Oscars 2017, side view

Jessica Biel puts the Banana Bun into the limelight

The Banana Bun sounds harder than it is! In fact, if your hair is at least shoulder length, you can create your dream style in just five easy steps. Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a middle parting and comb your hair smooth.
  2. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail.
  3. Roll the ponytail upwards into a long, vertical shape that’s half banana and half bun.
  4. Stick in a few pins and loosen individual strands so it’s all as messy as possible. 
  5. Spray on maximum hold hairspray and you’re all set. 
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