Woman with angular face and short hair
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Angular Features: The 5 Top Hairstyles for Strong Facial Contours

Luckily for us, there’s a hairstyle for every face shape: Even square and angular faces. Strong facial lines can be softened with the right styling. Here, we present styles that flatter women with square and angular face shapes

A good hairstyle does one thing above all else: Play up your face. In order to do this, it should suit your face shape and compensate for any less-than-perfect contours. This is particularly important for square or angular faces: The correct hairstyle can soften distinctive features such as a pronounced chin or jawline. We reveal the styles that’ll flatter you the most.

Do I have an angular face?

First, you should determine if you have a square or angular face shape. Such faces are characterized by their width, and are sometimes as wide as they are long (hence the square appearance). A square or angular face usually has wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and a pronounced jawline. The motto for a flattering look is: The more angular the face, the softer the contours of the hairstyle should be. Curly or wavy hair is ideal because it gently frames the face, concealing angular contours. But even wispy bangs or straight hair can work well. Here are five looks to flatter.

Distract from angles with curls

Curly hair flatters with volume and distraction. Sweeping curls or gentle waves are feminine and are particularly suitable for square or angular faces. Those without natural curls can add gentle waves with a curling iron, flat iron or rollers. Tip: Volumizing mousse or volume powder provide additional fullness.

Bangs frame an angular face

If you have a square face, you don’t have to avoid bangs. Quite the opposite! Bangs conceal a broad forehead and bring softness to your face through cleverly placed strands. Bangs may be long, reaching down to chin length. Bangs can even distract from a prominent jawline. Avoid blunt, straight bangs that’ll add severity to your face.

A bob suits strong facial features

A bob is easy care, suits any hair type and provides so much variety. It can be straight or asymmetrical, and feature layers or waves. Angular-faced beauties should wear it longer, at shoulder length, with graduated ends. This will give the hairstyle more lightness and protect the tips from split ends. Also: The shaggy bob, with defined strands (Tip: Add definition with gel or wax) suits strong facial features, too.

The undone look: Soft framing for a strong face

Layered cuts that fall softly onto the face are stylish and feminine – one example is the undone look. It’s also very seductive and easy to care for. The undone look should be voluminous at the roots with uneven, wavy lengths. The texture is matt, as if it were a little unkempt. This look works best with hair that’s at least chin length.

Short hair is ideal for angular faces

Even short hairstyles will work for those with a square face shape, if you keep some things in mind. The style shouldn’t be too severe. It’s also important that the hair is not cut too short. Ideal for angular faces: An asymmetrical cut. The front can be long enough to create a part. Another option: Short, and wildly curly. It’s a daring look that will flatter strong facial contours.