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Hair Colour as Anti-Aging Strategy: A New Hair Style rather than Surgery

It may have been a while since your 30th birthday but looking just as energetic and young makes a lot of sense. Some soft lightening of your hair may be just the right way to achieve that

People associate blonde hair colour shades with youth more than with any other hair colour. Obviously, nature reserves the light blonde hair colour to the very young. Light blonde hair turns a few shades darker as the years go by. However, lighter hair is not necessarily an optical fountain of youth and will not bring back the looks of our younger years.  

A new hair colour must look natural to flatter us and make us look younger. Just like gleaming white teeth look unnatural for a 70 year old so loses the platinum blonde look all its magic as we get older. Avoiding sharp contrast is the basic rule in anti-aging strategies. Hair coloured deep black, cut in a trendy bob with very straight bangs may have looked cool on you in your 20s. Somewhere there is this magical line beyond which this kind of style is no longer cool but rigid if anything. The only real way hair colour makes us look younger is by flattering our complexion.

Youthful Hair Colours: The Way to Colour Your Hair Young

  • If you are trying to decide between two colour shades always select the lighter one providing your hair is not already medium blond or lighter. Lighter hair colours flatter the complexion more than darker colours
  • All ash-blond hues work wonders in creating a youthful appearance: This colour shade counter-balances red blotches, softens the lines of the face and blends well with the first grey hairs
  • The haircut must also be appropriate. The most suitable hair styles allow the hair to move around easily and individual strands fall into the face. This creates a lively impression and is a softer frame for the face than short hair stubbles or tightly gathered hair
  • Use lotions, mousse, foam and flexible sprays to keep the soft and natural character of hair intact

Young Hair Colour: Beware of the Pitfalls

  • Colouring hair red to combat the signs of aging has three disadvantages, which should not be overlooked. Firstly, the complexion reflects the red colour and emphasises pale skin and red blotches. Secondly, the red pigments don’t attach very well to grey hair. In order to colour the hair evenly the colouring must be very intensive. Thirdly and finally, being a natural redhead is so rare that this choice invariably attracts attention as an attempt at looking more youthful
  • Black hair is a harsh frame for a pale complexion and therefore tends to play up every detail in the face. Black hair emphasises every little wrinkle
  • Gaudy royal blue synthetic streaks or similarly conspicuous details are the expressions of a playful and bold personality. However, they don’t make anybody appear any younger. Instead, they advertise the wish to appear younger. Such bold individualism is not everyone’s cup of tea