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Hair Colour Psychology: What The Hue Reveals About The Wearer

Blonde, brown, black or red – tell us your hair colour and we will tell you who you are. The hue of one’s mane can actually say something about a person’s character. You don’t believe us? Then take a seat on the couch and read this article

Blondes are cool, redheads are fiery, brunettes are down to earth and the black-haired tend to be melancholy. Do those stereotypes seem familiar to you? Almost everyone has through about the effect of their own hair colour at some point and found this simple stereotyped thinking annoying. But in fact these assessments are not all that absurd. Just like the mane can reveal much about a counterpart’s gender, age and state of health, certain character traits can be associated with the hair colour. Consciously or unconsciously. One thing is for sure: There are approximate rules but no simple laws to draw conclusions about personality based on the hair colour.

Life Has Many Hair Colours

Are you considering a type change? Easy as pie: A lot can be changed visually with the hair colour. From a complete makeover to a subtle update. So it could be the current hair dye that reveals something about our character, rather than the original, natural hair colour? Exactly. The hue we wear in a certain phase of life lets us freely model our outside appearance, thereby helping to determine how we want to be perceived by others. Whether we end up keeping the promise of the apparent hair colour in the end is of course a different matter entirely. But first let us decode the four main lines – blonde, brown, red and black. Let us start the hair colour typology:

Hair Colour Psychology: Blonde

First the good news: Blondes are considered especially humorous, attractive and sexy. The bad news: Women with light hair are often stamped as naive and unfaithful. No surprises so far. But did you know that blonde women are viewed as very unstable, but are also supposed to have a healthy readiness to assume risk? Most people also associate blonde with childhood – often because many grew up with lighter hair before it darkened over the years – and therefore automatically equate blonde with youthfulness. So if you fancy a 'natural' anti-ageing program, all you need to do is choose the right colouration.

Hair Colour Psychology: Brown

Brunettes are usually underestimated and are generally considered down to earth and reliable. boring. But do not fear the might of the wallflower image. Brunettes also have a reputation as smart businesspeople, simultaneously radiating warmth and a feeling of security. The perfect overall package, no? Fully 60% of all women fall into the “brunette” category with their natural hair colour. They all reap the benefits: Brunettes fare better than their blonde, red or black-haired competitors in the reliability, humour, credibility, intelligence and success categories. A leap on the career ladder may therefore be associated with the choice of your next hair colour.

Hair Colour Psychology: Red

Red hair been consistently stereotyped. The hair colour was so rare in medieval times that it was viewed with suspicion and associated with the devil. Redheads were burned at the stake. But times change. Fortunately. Today redheads have gone from hags to hype. Red hair has managed to change its image entirely. It stands for sensuality, energy and modernity – and has taken the leap to a popular must-have colour. Redheads – natural or dyed – like to be noticed and signal that they are open for a new and exciting life. So women with red hair are (still) playing with fire – but today they carry the torch.

Hair Colour Psychology: Black

Men in particular get flushed when they see black hair, since it is associated with something exotic – especially in the Central European region. Black-haired women are considered profound, elegant and mysterious. Notwithstanding the hot-blooded temperament associated with black hair, the hue also tells a melancholy and mild story. Perhaps it is exactly this contrast that makes black hair so alluring and fascinating? Find out...