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Yellowness in Blonde Hair

Naturalness and gloss – that is what most women want from their new hair colour. But sometimes colouring fails to have the desired effect right away. Especially unpopular among blondes: yellowness in the hair. We explain how it happens and how to get rid of it

Attractive, youthful and filled with joie de vivre – these positive attributes are commonly associated with blonde hair. Surely this is among the reasons why this hair colour is so popular. And why it often replaces the natural hue. From dark to light: just as popular among brunettes as among natural blondes. Thanks to bleaching, changing the colour is no problem for any hair type. But since lightening is among the most pronounced colour changes, special care must be taken when you do it at home. Unattractive side effects such as yellow discolouration in the hair may occur anyway. There are helpful tips & tricks to prevent this yellowness. But let us start with the basics of bleaching:

What You Should Know About Bleaching

Yellowness in blonde hair
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Radiantly beautiful: blonde is many women’s favourite colour

Even though we often speak of 'colouring' when switching to blonde, that is not strictly accurate. Lightening products do not contain colour, but bleaching substances such as hydrogen peroxide. Whether you apply them at home or at the hairdresser’s, they remove natural pigments from the hair and thereby lighten it during the bleaching process. During the treatment time, the hair assumes various in-between shades such as red, orange and of course yellow – the final colour stage before blonde.

How Does Yellowness Get Into Blonde Hair?

There are two possible causes for the yellowish result: improper application, or choosing the wrong colour.

Yellowness in Blonde Hair Caused by Improper Application

Yellowness is often the result of rinsing the bleaching product out too early. Many women check their hair during the lightening process, start to worry when they notice their hair is orange rather than blonde, and end the treatment too soon. Rinsing too early results in yellowness. What many don’t know: the visual discolouration is no accident, but merely an intermediate stage in the hair lightening process. Be patient and finish the bleaching treatment. After the correct application time, nothing remains of the orange hue and yellowness...

How to prevent yellowness: Follow the application instructions for the product. The treatment time in particular should be followed precisely. Do not leave the lightening product in your hair longer or shorter than recommended.

How to get rid of yellowness: Simply repeat the bleaching process with the same product and catch up on the missing exposure time. For example, you rinsed out the lightening product ten minutes too soon? Then let the bleaching process do its work for exactly those ten minutes during a second application.

Yellowness in Blonde Hair from Choosing the Wrong Product

How to prevent yellowness
Check the packaging before buying a colouration to determine what colour you can expect to get. Every package lists the various initial hair colours, with the respective results after an application of this product right next to them. Compare your own natural hair colour to the offering and select the right lightening product for you.

How to get rid of yellowness
You can repeat the bleaching process if you are not happy with the results. However, be sure to choose a weaker bleaching product since your hair is partly bleached already.

You Only Have a Slight Yellow Shimmer in your Hair?

Cosmetic helpers such as silver shampoo can counteract this yellowness. This special product contains blue-violet pigments that visually balance out yellow as complementary colours. The yellowish effect washes out again after some time since the colour is only deposited on the hair surface. Results may however differ between individuals with this method. You are still not satisfied? If so, you can also use silver shampoo several times, but no more than for every second hair washing.

Optimum Care for Bleached Hair

Yellowness in blonde hair
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Blonde beauty: proper care is the ultimate beauty treatment for bleached hair

To make your bleached mane glossy with a natural look after getting rid of yellowness, you should pamper your hair with added care. A mask with oil and citrus extract is ideal, since it freshens up blonde and counteracts a yellow shimmer at the same time. Nourishing ingredients also pamper hair that has been stressed by bleaching.

Additional tips for even more blonde brilliance are presented by Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach in the following video:

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