Hair Color | Taking care of dyed hair

Rinse Brilliance and a Colour Guard into Your Hair

The brilliance of freshly coloured hair is amazing. The rich deep hues and the intense glow are simply magnificent. With special care you can enjoy the shimmering beauty for quite a while. A suitable rinse for colour-treated hair keeps the colour pigments in the hair longer and it also protect from bleaching UV rays. The rinses improve the hair structure to boot

Artificial pigments show the unfortunate tendency to disappear from the hair. This is true for colour-rinses, semi-permanent and even (almost) permanent colour. Colour rinses only coat the hair with a thin colour film with quickly disappearing pigments. More intense colouring or colouring with 'permanent' colour places pigments inside the hair shaft. Naturally, these well-placed pigments have more staying power. The right care for colour-treated hair boosts this staying power.

Aside from using a very gentle, colour-maintaining shampoo, a special rinse for colour-treated hair is a necessity rather than an option. The rinse keeps the cuticles in the proper smooth configuration around the hair shaft. This seals the pigments inside the hair shaft. You can expect the same helpful effect from conditioning hair care ingredients like proteins from the leaves of the Moringa tree, amaranth oil, apricot kernel and ultra-light micro-oils, which do not weigh the hair down. The rinses also deliver protection against the bleaching effect of UV rays and very reactive oxidising free radicals. Both, UV rays and radicals damage hair.

Rinses for Colour-Treated Blonde Hair

Colour-treated blonde hair needs special care even more than other colour-treated hair, in particular if your hair is bleached several shades lighter than your natural colour. This kind of intense lightening requires removing the darker natural pigments from the hair core. The hair needs to be made permeable for pigments in this process. Of course, there are rinses to help you ameliorate this bleaching damage as well. Special blonde conditioners provide bleached hair with especially radiant golden pigments without a yellow tinge. Liquid hair components like keratin are added to the rinse to replenish the processed hair structure and repair the fine fissures and weak points in the hair after bleaching. The result is silken rather than dull and brittle blonde hair.

There is a Rinse for all Hair Care Needs

Hair rinses come in many different formulations. Every rinse serves a special hair care need and is adapted to the time you can spend on nurturing your hair. The classic rinse is applied after shampooing. It is massaged into the hair and rinsed out after a minute or two. Rinsing out these products is important because residual ingredients would weigh your hair down and give it a dull appearance. It is important to apply the rinse where it is needed the most, i. e. at the hair ends not near the roots. The express hair rinse in spray form is ideal for all who are pressed for time but still want to care for their hair. The leave-in spray is lighter formulated but still does a mighty job nourishing your hair. Shake the spray can well so that all ingredients mix well before spraying. Dependent on the length of your hair, five to ten pumping actions are sufficient for best results. Work the spray repair application through your hair before styling your hair as usual.

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