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Caring for Brown Hair - The Fine Art of Elegance

Blonde and red hair gets everybody’s attention on first sight - for a second. Second looks linger. The attention lasts longer. This is a good reason to present brown hair at its shiniest best

Brown hair

Brown hair: There can never be too much lustre

Brown hair tends to reveal its special appeal to us on second look, just like our cherished black cashmere shawl, our perfect sports jacket or our favourite jeans. Our appreciation grows over time as we look closer. Of all hair colours, brown hues are the richest in pigmentation. Well cared for brown hair, maybe even artfully coloured or tinted brown hair is a feast for the eyes just like a five course meal is a feast for our senses. Neither is in easy reach without effort, dedication and the right ingredients.

Caring for Brown Hair - How to Keep Gorgeous Brown Hair Spectacular

  • UV protection is important for brunettes, almost as important as for blondes. While the natural brown pigments are indeed able to convert UV rays into heat, in the long run the sun will still cause brunettes to appear pale. Brown hair must be protected from the sun’s rays especially when the hair has been colour-treated. UV rays fade artificial pigments faster than the natural ones. Long-time UV exposure also weakens and destabilises the hair
  • After changing your hair to a brown colour you should use hair care products for colour treated brown hair. Such products tend to the colour and give hair lustre at the same time. Aside from special shampoos and conditioners to give brown hair a rich shimmer, you can also use leave-in treatments or cures, which are sprayed into the towelled still damp hair. These treatments deepen the brown and produce warm light reflections in your hair
  • Chlorinated or copper-containing water may cause a visible green tinge in lighter brown coloured hair. Most blondes know a home remedy against this effect. It consists of an acidic rinse either with diluted lemon juice or with in water dissolved Aspirin tablets
  • The brown colour may lose its radiance between colourations. If this is the case, you can bring new highlights to your hair by using an ammonia-free tinting crème, which will rinse out and will not fundamentally change the colour of your hair. The tinting crème will however add deep colour effects with warm light reflections to your hair
  • Natural oils, such as the oils from olives, argan nuts and apricot stones condition and help to build up the substance of every individual hair. The use of these oils is the ideal way for brunettes to condition their hair and give it lasting natural shine. You will see the best results if you use a repair treatment with such natural shine boosters regularly
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