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Stylish, Not Stale: Highlights for Short Hair are Fresh Again

Looking for a fresh color injection for your short hair? Try highlights in your crop. Streaks have shaken off their nineties reputation and are experiencing a stylish revival. Read on to discover how we’re highlighting short hair now

Highlights in short hair: A little “old school”? Nope! Applied using new highlighting techniques, streaks can be super stylish. No need to fear the nineties hedgehog look – modern highlights for short hair look much more natural, acting like a fresh color kick for the hair. We reveal which dyeing techniques will deliver the most stylish results.

How to do highlights in short hair now

Side view of woman with short hair and highlights

Streaks in short hair look stylish and sun-kissed.

The most gorgeous highlights are the ones that appear to be a work of nature. Think: Your hair after a sunny beach vacay. Worried about sudden, blunt transitions from highlights to the rest of your hair? Don’t be! With the right dyeing technique, you can easily achieve a natural finish. For example, balayage is ideal. This technique is suitable for both long and short hair. The color is applied freehand with a brush. The result? Highlights that look super dynamic and modern. In addition to balayage, palm painting is another new technique that’s ideal for short hair. Here, color is applied with the palms of the hands. Important: Always wear gloves to protect the skin. The result: An easy-going, highlighted look. Tip: Palm painting is ideal if you only want to lighten the ends of your hair.

Want to try palm painting or balayage at home? It’s best to ask a friend to help you with the application. Dyeing the hair in the back of your head can be tricky.

The best colors for highlighting short hair

Back view of woman with short hair and highlights

Natural highlights look gorgeous in slightly longer crops, too.

The best way to create bright highlights in short brunette hair is with bleach. A blond base color can be beautifully refreshed with golden blond and brown highlights. Want to try something a little more colorful? Achieve this with a bright, semi-permanent color. If you’re not sure which color or blend of colors will suit you and your base hair color, consult a professional hairdresser.

The perfect care for highlighted short hair

To keep your short, colored hair looking shiny and beautiful for longer, it’s important to give it the proper care. Ideal: A hair care series specially developed for colored hair. Once a week, apply a hair mask. Tip: The shorter the hair, the less product you’ll need to apply. Only apply hair masks to the ends of hair in order to prevent your hair from being weighed down. Leave-in spray treatments are perfect for short hair: These are weightless, yet deeply nourishing for hair.

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