Woman with highlights in her hair in a lavender field
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DIY Highlights: It’s Simple!

Want a change? Highlights illuminate, make your hair look fuller and add structure through light and shadow play. And best of all, you can easily create them yourself. Just follow our step-by-step guide!


Depending on the highlighting product, light blonde to mid-brown hair can be lightened up to six shades at home. Using different techniques, you can create ultra-fine strands, wider highlights, multi-colored highlights or really wide blocky streaks. In general: fewer, wider streaks create a bolder look, while lots of fine highlights look particularly natural. Here’s how to do it.


Step by step to perfect highlights

  1. Prepare your equipment. You’ll need: Lightening powder, an after color treatment, a spatula, a highlighter brush and hook, gloves to protect your hands, developer, and finally an instruction leaflet for your chosen color. Once you have ensured you have all these things, move on to step 2.
  2. A good rule of thumb is to first read the instructions through once before you start! That way you have an idea of what you need to do and when.
  3. Put on your gloves.
  4. Mix it up! Mix the lightening powder and developer together so they form a paste.
  5. Divide the strands you want to highlight and get creative! There’s a reason that this is called hair painting, so have fun and be careful to get all the strands you want to highlight. Using the highlighter brush, apply the mixture from the roots downwards in a fluid motion, going over bits you miss. Tip: Sometimes the highlighter brush comes equipped with a hook which helps you grab the strand you want to highlight easily and cleanly, without touching the rest of your hair.
  6. Depending on how much you want to lift your hair, wait for the appropriate amount of time. Once you’ve finished waiting for the color to develop, rinse it out.
  7. Now apply your after-color treatment. This usually needs to be left in for 3 minutes, but read the instructions of your particular highlight pack. Rinse the treatment out too.
  8. Style your hair and enjoy your new highlights!

Hottest blonde highlight colors

Highlights always add a little depth and nuance to your hair. Different shades work for different hair colors, but a particularly popular one for summery vibes is Schwarzkopf’s Nordic Blonde M1. This cool blonde shade lifts your natural hair color, giving your hair a sun-kissed look. No-one will notice you had to miss out on that summer vacation!


Alternatively, opt for a warmer shade of blonde with M3 Easy Strands, which gives you up to five levels of lift. Thanks to an innovative highlighter applicator, you can choose either broad highlights or feathery slim ones – all to create your individual look! If want a bolder contrast, you might prefer M3+ Easy Strands, which lifts your hair up to 6 levels. The Schwarzkopf Super Strands range ensures long lasting vibrant color – give it a go for a summery feel!

Important highlighting tips

  • Use the highlighting solution immediately after mixing it up – and don’t save any leftovers to use later! Only freshly mixed solution will give you a good result.
  • Do an allergy test before you start. Check the instructions in the packaging for how to do this.
  • Never cover your developing highlights with foil or a shower cap. The resulting build-up of heat can lead to the alkalizing agent in the mixture damaging your hair.
  • Be sure to wear old clothes and the enclosed disposable gloves when highlighting. If the mixture splatters on your clothes, it can leave permanent bleached marks.
  • Be careful not to inhale any residual dust when mixing the lightening powder into your highlighting solution.
  • Use the enclosed conditioner to nourish your hair after highlighting. It will help the color to stay beautiful and the hair to stay healthy.
  • Highlights and perms at the same time are not a good idea. Allow the hair to rest for a week or two before any further processing.