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DIY Highlights: It’s Simple!

Want a change? Highlights illuminate, make your hair look fuller and add structure through light and shadow play. And best of all, you can easily create them yourself. Here’s our step-by-step guide

Depending on the highlighting product, light blond to mid-brown hair can be lightened up to six shades at home. Using different techniques, you can create ultra-fine strands, wider highlights, multi-colored highlights or really wide blocky streaks. In general: fewer, wider streaks create a bolder look, while lots of fine highlights look particularly natural. Here’s how to do it:

Get fine highlights using a highlighting cap

Get a natural look using a highlighting cap – it’s a little more time consuming than other methods, but it’ll give you very fine highlights:


Step 1: Position the cap on dry, combed hair and tie it under your chin. Since only the upper layers of your hair will be highlighted, there’s no need to tuck the lengths up under the cap – simply cover these with a towel.


Step 2: Using a highlighting hook (included in the box), pull your hair strand by strand through the perforated holes. Depending on the number of highlights you want, you can use only every second or third hole – or all of them. Keep the hook as flat as possible and make sure the hooked end points upwards.


Step 3: Thoroughly comb through all the pulled-out sections. At this point, you can mix the highlighting solution and apply it to the hair. Development time depends on your base hair color and the lightening effect you want to achieve. Refer to the included instructions to find the right development time for you.


Step 4: Once the development time is up, rinse your highlighted hair with water before removing the hood. Then shampoo and apply conditioner. Leave it on for three minutes, then rinse thoroughly and style as usual.

Create highlights using a brush

Blond woman with light highlights and feathery bangs

Brushed-in blond highlights naturally illuminate your hair.

Add individual light nuances to your hair using a highlighting brush – either on your whole head or in small areas like your bangs. Here’s how it’s done:


Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly and part it as you normally wear it.


Step 2: Mix up your highlighting mixture, coat your brush and apply it to areas you want to highlight. Hold the area you are highlighting up and away from your head. The mixture should not come into contact with the scalp. Our tip: Don’t apply highlighting mixture all the way down to the roots. Start instead about half a centimeter away. This will make future regrowth look more natural.


Step 3: To highlight the back of your head, work with two mirrors – or better yet, let a friend help you. Development time depends on how light you want the highlights, and the base color of your hair.


Step 4: Once your highlights have developed, first rinse your hair with water, then wash with a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner, allowing it to work for a few minutes. Rinse, and enjoy your new highlights.

Get streaks using a comb applicator

With a highlighting applicator plus a comb attachment on your bottle of highlighting mixture, you can create broad highlights in one simple swipe. Remove the comb attachment for bold, block streaks.


Step 1: Before you start, create a zig-zag part using the point of a tail comb. This will ensure a beautifully natural result. Tip: Test your highlighting applicator out on a piece of paper first. This will give you a feel for how much pressure to use during application on your hair.


Step 2: Pull your applicator filled with highlighting mixture vertically through each section of hair to be highlighted, in one smooth movement from root to tip, ensuring you apply constant, even pressure all the way. Stick to the development time indicated on the instructions. Rinse, shampoo and condition afterwards, as per the other application techniques.

Important highlighting tips

  • Use the highlighting solution immediately after mixing it up – and don’t save any leftovers to use later! Only freshly mixed solution will give you a good result.
  • Do an allergy test before you start. Check the instructions in the packaging for how to do this.
  • Never cover your developing highlights with foil or a shower cap. The resulting build-up of heat can lead to the alkalizing agent in the mixture damaging your hair.
  • Be sure to wear old clothes and the enclosed disposable gloves when highlighting. If the mixture splatters on your clothes, it can leave permanent bleached marks.
  • Be careful not to inhale any residual dust when mixing the lightening powder into your highlighting solution.
  • Use the enclosed conditioner to nourish your hair after highlighting. It will help the color to stay beautiful and the hair to stay healthy.
  • Highlights and perms at the same time are not a good idea. Allow the hair to rest for a week or two before any further processing.