Hair Color | Risks and mistakes

Orange Hair: The Most Common Colouring Mistakes

Colouring your own hair at home is really quite simple. You can even create beautiful streaked looks in your own bathroom these days with DIY methods. But things happen: a bit of a colouring mishap and suddenly your hair is orange. We reveal what you need to look out for when colouring in order to spare you this fate

Wait a minute, that's not what I ordered: when your hair is a strident, glowing orange after colouring instead of a velvety honey blonde, something has gone wrong. But what? And how can you avoid this? We explain and reveal all the tricks for perfect colouring results:

A Matter of the Right Hue

Is my hair dark blonde or more of a light brown? Many women have difficulty correctly assessing their initial hair colour. Yet this is the first important step on the way to the new colour of your dreams. If the hair is, for instance, too dark for a certain bleaching product, the results of the lightening process will not be satisfactory. The hair looks darker than desired and in the worst case even orange.  

Take Your Time

Be sure to follow the prescribed exposure time when colouring – especially if you are lightening your hair. Rather than dyeing your hair, bleaching actually removes the natural pigments. First the darker ones, then the reddish ones. And your hair shows it: for instance, the hair changes from brown to red, orange and yellow during lightening before it turns a light blonde. So be sure to check your progress regularly while bleaching. Is your hair still red, orange or yellow? No need to panic. Just wait a bit longer until you get the desired colour.

The Perils of Nature

If your hair has been coloured with plant products such as henna, applying chemical colourations is not recommended. Natural hair colours can contain metal salts that intensify the colouring result. Combining these with conventional colouration products can lead to unattractive discolouration.

What You Can Do

Silver shampoo is the best and gentlest cure for orange or yellowish hair. This product contains blue/violet pigments that visually compensate for the unwanted discolouration. If the orange colour was caused by bleaching, you can also repeat the colouration process – but that means added stress for your hair. Contact a hairdresser you trust in case of doubt (Looking for a good one? Go to the Schwarzkopf Professional Salon Finder here). Instead of mere damage limitation, a hairdresser unerringly helps you get the look you want! 

Hair Care Plus

Proper care is essential to ensure your new hair colour stays radiant for a long time. Special nourishing series for coloured hair are best. They ensure a healthy hair structure and colour with a spectacular gloss.