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Multifaceted: Red Hair Colour

What an eye-catcher: red hair! The hair colour’s scarcity value makes it special, exciting and interesting. Stars like Riley Keough, Kristen Stewart and Kate Bosworth have recognised this, and decided to switch to a sexy red mane

Vigorous copper, precious strawberry blonde, magical mahogany or gaudy cherry red. The fiery hair colour is very versatile – and more popular than ever.

Hair colour stars

Blonde hair, dark hairline – that was Riley Keough’s look before switching to signal red in her hair

Several prominent ladies were quick to understand this, like Riley Keough for instance who said goodbye to her red mane (photo on the left) in favour of red: she coloured her hair in an intense copper hue (photo above). Entirely transformed, the actress appears far more interesting, exciting and seductive with the highly visible red hue. 

Pure attraction and always an eye-catcher: visit our gallery to see more stars who have chosen a new image with the hair colour red:

Gallery: Stars with Red Hair

Red Alert for Copper, Bronze and More

A woman in a red dress attracts everyone’s attention – and red has a similar effect when it comes to hair: it makes the wearer appear powerful, self-confident and sexy, radiating a magical and mysterious charm. Mahogany, copper or bronze: thanks to the variety of red hues, you can find the right nuance for any type.

Redheads: The Radiant Look

Red Hair Colour: The Secret Favourite
Copper sets the tone: The trendy hue shows its colours with great diversity.
A gleaming copper hue appears feminine. Matt makes the look edgy and wild.

Red Hair Colour: The Classic Look

Mahogany is probably the classiest red hue, making its wearer radiant and desirable.
This red hue is an all-rounder and works for just about any type.

Red Hair Colour: The Trendy Look

Strawberry blonde is especially popular right now! The hair colour works for light skin tones and looks especially pretty with freckles.
Dark skin tones should avoid this red-blonde nuance.

Red Hair Colour: The Natural Look

Red in a bronze hue is naturally beautiful. This red hair colour looks outstanding with both dark and light skin tones.
Nude makeup highlights the natural look.

Red Hair Colour: The Lively Look

Those who want to stand out choose a brilliant and intense red. The flamboyant colour is suitable for all skin tones and works best in combination with high self-confidence.
Caution: The lighter the existing hair colour, the more flashy the result.