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Crimson Curls: How to Make the Most of Red Hair

Redheads stand out – in a good way. Red hair is rare and super sexy. Are you a redhead? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover the best styling and care tips for a perfect ‘do, right here

No other hair color is as mysterious and attractive as red hair. Those who are naturally blessed with it are fortunate: Only about two percent of the world's population has red hair. Red hair is not only rare in color, it’s also a different texture than blond or brunette hair. Redheads tend to have thicker hair strands – but overall fewer strands than others. To make the most of natural red hair, here are a few things to keep in mind during haircare and styling.

Perfect haircare for redheads

Those with red hair tend to have very fair, freckled skin. Sound like you? Then we don’t need to tell you that you’re very sun-sensitive! But did you know you need to be protecting your hair – not just your skin – from the sun’s harmful rays? In the summer, ensure you always wear a hat or stay in the shade.


Blonds and brunettes have individual haircare product lines developed just for them. But for red hair, this is unfortunately not the case! Instead, redheads should use a colored hair series. Bonus: Colored-hair shampoos, conditioners and masks contain light color pigments which make hair shine beautifully in the light. Also, they usually include UV protection that’ll keep hair safe from those damaging UV rays.


Apply a mask once a week. Unlike regular conditioners, the extra nourishing and repairing substances in masks penetrate the hair deeply and help reconstruct it. This smooths hair that’s been roughened up by blow-drying, flat ironing and brushing, making it beautifully shiny, supple and reducing frizz.

Hairstyles for redheads

Because many redheads naturally have beautiful thick hair, short hairstyles like the pixie-cut work exceptionally well. But there are a few other hairstyles that are also perfect for redheads.

Long bob with bangs

This one’s a true classic – for redheads, too! The long bob, or “lob,” flatters every face shape and offers great versatility. It can be worn in different lengths and styles. A lob with fringed bangs can take years off your look. Go for straight bangs for a more conventional look.


The undone look

Sometimes you just have to let things be. This goes for your hair, too! The undone look is THE style for redheads looking for a little originality. A cared-for, yet wild mane is not only a standout look, it also suits a variety of occasions! So why not give your hairbrush a break?



Whether mid-length or long: Curly red hair has an attractive, seductive magic about it. And you don’t even need natural curls! Discover a few tricks that’ll help you create dream curls in your hair.


The pixie cut

Exciting, brave, timeless: The pixie is a great alternative to long hair for redheads. This look combines all the advantages of a practical and easy-care short style with all the variety of longer hair. In everyday life, at work or out on a romantic date – the pixie cut has you covered!


The Rachel cut

A classic layered hairstyle. The Rachel Cut is named after the legendary hairstyle worn by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel in the show “Friends.” Hair needs to have some volume to avoid this tiered cut falling flat – so redheads, it’s perfect for your hair!


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