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The Best Make-up Tips for Redheads

Red hair looks beautiful whether it is copper, mahogany or cherry red. It always seems to add a hint of extravagance to the appearance. Redheads often appear delicate, elf-like and mysterious. Of course, some redheads are the very images of excitement, strength and confidence. Wearing red hair in style can be demanding, and it does call for well-balanced make-up. There are some make-up secrets for redheads and we can't wait to share them with you

As a general rule, redheads have very light skin. There is no need for a crème foundation if you are blessed with unblemished skin. A light make-up powder is all you need. Medium opacity foundations are suitable for redheads who want to hide slight skin imperfections.

Now and then, you may like to put away the make-up crèmes and rather use a suitable foundation matching your light complexion. Redheads look especially classy this way.

Eye Make-up for Redheads

Time has done away with many rules. No longer is the eye make-up of redheads restricted to the colour green. Of course, peat, olive and khaki still bring out the special beauty of redheads but now you can add other colours to your eye make-up as well. There are for example warm eye-shadows like gold, copper, cinnamon, rust and nutmeg, which blend harmoniously with the special features of redheads. If you are about to create a particularly sophisticated look you should reach for contrast colours like lilac, plum, teal or turquois. You may of course also dispense with eye shadow altogether and use nothing but an eye-liner to create soft accents.

Redheads often have light eyelashes but the generous application of mascara creates expressive eyes. You can lengthen short lashes by using extension mascara. Very light skin often forms a hard contrast with black mascara. In such cases, brownish-black mascara is a better choice.

Don’t shy away from smokey eyes for your evening make-up! Smokey eyes work well with redheads if the rest of the make-up is understated. You should however avoid deep black shades and rather reach for gold, brown or grey tones.

Eyebrow Styling for Redheads

Accenting the eyebrows the right way is important for redheads. Light-skinned redheads should avoid strongly contrasting very dark eyebrows because they are likely to create a mask-like appearance. Better apply eyebrow pencils in brownish red tones for a warm soft look and use the pencils with a light touch to create broken lines between the eyebrow hairs.

Rouge or Blush for Redheads

Most redheads know to avoid rouge on their cheeks. Too much red is definitely overwhelming. Today, blushes come in many colours other than red (rouge). Natural blush colours like coral-red, apricot and peach lend a warm glow to the cheeks of redheads and look very classy. Pink blushes are too undefined for redheads and should therefore be avoided.

Lip Make-up for Redheads

Lipsticks or lip gloss in natural shades like coral, peach, apricot and rose look great. Redheads who bring an artistic streak to applying make-up may also opt for the other extreme. A deep red mouth looks dazzling as long as the rest of the make-up is understated.

Make-up for Redheads: The Tricks of Stars


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