Hair Color | Red hair

The Regal Beauty of Red Hair with a Touch of Copper

Add a regal style and warmth to your red hair with a touch of copper. Endless variations of coppery red hair are possible. Your style may be a trace of coppery red in blonde hair, a combination of deep copper tones in brown hair or the elegant gleam of copper in fiery red hair. The stars in our gallery show the range of coppery red hair colours combined with the most suitable make-up for each beautiful shade

Did nature give you that beautiful coppery hair colour between reddish blonde and reddish brown? Consider yourself lucky if this is your hair colour. Luckily, today’s women have ways of colouring their hair in the soft or brilliant colours they like. Among all hair colours, coppery red has a lively spark while looking regal and alluring at the same time.

The Many Versions of Coppery Red Hair

To create Heather McComb's (left) brilliant hair colour, look for permanent or semi-permanent hair colour in a copper shade. Place a few golden rose strands in your coppery hair if you have a lot of experience colouring your hair. With so many choices, you may consult with a professional hair stylist before you decide on your coppery red shade. A Schwarzkopf hair specialist near you is ready to help you create the ideal red hair colour and style.

Which Hairstyles are Best-Suited for Redheads?

Clearly, the best hairstyles for coppery red hair are romantic, soft and casually styled. Beach waves, natural waves, and updos with curls emphasise the warm lustre of coppery hair.

Gleaming coppery red - like Kelly Reilly (left) wears it  - is the most flamboyant of all red hair colours. It can easily turn into a defining feature. Different from other bright red hair colours like pomegranate or strawberry red, coppery red hair looks genuine and warm.


What Type of Make-up Goes Well with Coppery Red?

Everything goes, from rosewood lipstick to bronze-coloured cheeks. Rose, pink, brown and nude make-up colours are ideal for redheads. Bright red lipstick, mascara, and black eyeliner are the tools for creating explosive highlights. Talking about colours, our favourite colour combination is coppery red hair with turquoise or orange accessories.

The flamboyancy and luminescence of Holland Roden’s variation of coppery red (left) is muted by added shades of earthy brown. This is not to call this rich hair colour any less sensuous than its brighter cousins.