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Caring for Red Hair: Protection Alone is not enough

Regular care programmes are sufficient for hair with just a tinge of red. However, if you are a redhead like Evan Rachel Wood then you must tenderly pamper and protect your hair

Actress Evan Rachel Wood with Red hair

Red hair at its level best: Actress Evan Rachel Wood

Please join us on a little tour into the world of colour pigments. In the final run, the mixture of only two pigment groups determines the colour of our hair, namely eumelanin and pheomelanin. Only a minimal amount of the small pheomelanin molecule will cause the red tinge. Quite a bit of this small pigment is however necessary for a gorgeous flaming red head.

In case you or your hair stylist has created the red colouring of your hair, the red colour will readily disappear and even slowly leach out when you merely rinse your hair with water. Born redheads certainly know how light will quickly bleach their hair colour. This is due to the fact that pheomelanin is degraded faster in the presence of UV light. Mere hair care and protection will not preserve the copper red colour. It takes active care to keep the red hair colour brilliant.

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