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How to Make Your Natural Hair Color Shine

Make the most of your natural color. Here’s the thing: You can switch it up – without going a totally different color! We reveal how easy it is to get your natural hair color back – and give it an upgrade

Which hair color is most flattering? Easy answer: your own natural color. It harmonizes wonderfully with your complexion and eye color. After all, it’s what Mother Nature gave us! You can help really bring out its effects, too – because only healthy, well-groomed hair will let your color shine at its best. We reveal how you can be a natural babe – and how to switch back from colored hair to your natural beauty.

Reclaim your natural color – easily

Let’s start with the good news: It’s never been so easy to grow out dyed hair. Why? Because regrowth is no longer considered a lazy girl hair faux pas. Au contraire: Dark roots that lead to lightened ends are very now. This look just so happens to be on trend, easy going and cool.

Skip the steps

At some point, you’re going to reach the stage where your hair is too far grown out. This will happen somewhere around the half-colored, half-natural hair stage – when your natural color reaches your mid-lengths. Instead of a nice fade, the transition between the two is more like a hard line. The easiest, most elegant way to hide this is with highlights. Your hairdresser can apply high- and lowlights in the same color spectrum as your natural shade and the growing-out, dyed shade. This will give you a super soft transition with a nice, natural gradient. After some time using this technique, you’ll naturally achieve a trendy ombré or dip-dye look. This hot trend features lighter ends and darker roots.

The right cut for your natural color

The best way to get rid of the last of your colored hair? With scissors! Get a haircut to complete your transition to natural color. One positive side effect: Cutting your ends will reset the health of your hair, leaving only natural, untreated hair behind.
Natural hair also benefits from regular trims. That’s because even with the best of care, ends can still fade due to sunlight, styling – or simply become brittle and split through brushing against your shoulders.

Tip: With a toner or a gloss, you can help your natural hair color to shine. Choose a tone that is very similar to your own hair color. It’s a worry-free way to refresh your color, as it’ll simply wash out gradually.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair

How beautiful your natural color appears ultimately depends not just on the color pigments in the hair, but also on your hair’s condition. If the outer cuticle layer is closed and smooth, the hair will reflect the light better – natural color will take on an intense shine and will look gorgeous. You can influence this yourself – with the right care.

Tip: Always choose your shampoo according to the needs of your scalp and hair type. If your scalp is healthy, your roots will be too, so your natural hair will likely grow long and strong. Make sure you pamper slightly drier lengths and ends with a nourishing conditioner and occasional mask. This will ensure all your hair stays supple, and your color long-lasting and gorgeous. For extra care, hair oil or special care fluids applied directly to the ends can help.

SOS tip for bad hair days: Even with the best care, sometimes bad hair days just can’t be avoided. What can help? The right hairstyle – try a headband or a ponytail.