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Glossing: Brilliant Miracle Hair Treatment

A small mental exercise: In your mind, picture healthy hair. Do you see frizz? Surely not. Dull ends? No. Sallow colour? Hardly. Instead you are most likely picturing a really glossy, supple and lustrous mane. Glossing makes your hair dreams come true...

One hair colour in particular is really trending right now. Your natural one. Blonde, brown, red, black or grey – it doesn’t matter. What counts is a well-groomed appearance and healthy gloss. Unfortunately many factors can rob your hair of just these characteristics. Bleaching and colouring leave their mark while dry, heated air in the winter months or sun, salt water and chlorine in the summer cause damage. No need to worry though, all of that can be fixed. Healing methods like glossing are the answer.

What Is Glossing And What Can It Do?

Not only the name but also the effect can be compared to lip gloss: It cares for the lips, lends brilliance and also adds a touch of colour if desired. Applied to your mane, this means that glossing revives your colouration after a few washings – making it last longer – or lends a brilliant shine and luminance to your natural hair colour. Not all glossing treatments are created equal. The term can be applied to intensive colour treatments with an acidic PH value as well as direct-dyeing tinting products that are combined with a hair treatment for extra nourishment.

What Makes Glossing Different From Colouration?

Compared to colouration, glossing is much less heavily pigmented. Therefore the hair colour is only changed very slightly or not at all; the treatment adds pigments that reflect the light, giving it a seductive shimmer. A colour fine-tuning one might say, with ultra-care ingredients that vary by product. Glossing can discreetly steer the (natural) hair colour in a new direction as well, making it appear lighter, darker, more ashen or golden. Perfect to bridge the gap between two glossing treatments: Shampoos for coloured hair.

Who Offers Hair Glossing?

Hair salons for one – visiting a professional is highly recommended if you want a subtle new look for your hair. The pros can tailor the glossing treatment precisely to your hair type and individual wishes, giving you just the brilliant colour you want. Shampoos, conditioners and treatments are also available, letting you achieve a transparent gloss effect at home.

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