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Hair Colour Touch-Up Made Easy

After you first coloured your hair, it glowed with lustre and shimmering light reflections danced on its surface. Now, almost all the luminescence and brilliance has disappeared. Not to worry, we will share with you our best tips and tricks to restore the shine and colour intensity. Our tips make touching up hair colour easy as pie

The hair frames our faces, and its colour uniquely influences the way we feel about ourselves and interact with others. This makes it even more important to find the perfect hair colour and revive it should it dull and no longer add the desired sparkle to our personality.

Multiple-Application Hair Colour Touch-Up

Hair colour touch-ups do not change the basic hair colour and do not require elaborate colouring techniques. It is possible to apply a small portion of a foam colorant only to the area where it is needed such as the hair near the roots around the parting. The remaining touch-up colour can be used for another application.

Hair Colour Touch-Up with Permanent Powder Colorants

Permanent powder colorant is the right choice if your heart is set on deepening your hair colour. Minute powder pigments deepen your hair colour’s intensity. The super fine powder glides like a lotion. Therefore, it is easy to apply and easy to mix.

Hair Colour Touch-Up Tips

  • Even if you only intend to touch up the hairline or the root portion of the hair around the parting, make sure that no colour can land on your favourite or new clothing. An old T-shirt may actually improve with a few colourful spots. Hair colour also has a way of leaving temporary stains on fingers and nails. Be sure to wear the included gloves while you apply hair colour.
  • It is always wise to read the instructions on or in the package before using a new or unfamiliar product. Hair colour touch-ups work best if you stick to the included instructions.
  • It is important to perform the allergy test before the first application. The test is described in the package instructions.
  • Use shampoos, which are designed to protect colour-treated hair. These shampoos also maintain the colour brilliance and intensity.