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Dyeing the Tips

What is currently topping the colour charts? Happy endings! Techniques and styles where only the lengths and ends of the hair are dyed. Ombré or tortoiseshell: We tell you what is hot, how it is done and all about the care required for lasting results

Small accents, great effect: The colour trends of the season aim for the tips, expanding out styling palette. From harmonious to high-contrast, from classy to extravagant or just staggeringly beautiful – the multifaceted looks have it all! You merely have to pick one. What hues and styles are currently in the mix? See for yourself:

Leading Colour Trends

Dip-Dye: With this statement look the ends (and in part also the lengths) are brushed with the chosen colouration. The natural hair colour can either be lightened or radiate in a striking hue such as purple, pink or even green. But in either case, the transition from one colour to another remains clearly discernible.

Ombré: Quasi the light version of the dip-dye. Here the lower lengths and tips are lightened, but only by a few nuances. The colour is not applied with a brush but using a comb – resulting in a flowing colour transition that appears beautifully natural.

Tortoiseshell: This leading trend is defined by soft transitions and harmonious colour blends, usually blonde and brown. The fine highlights are distributed freehand throughout the hair – not only in the bottom sections, as with dip-dye and ombré, but for instance also in front – but to the tips! This makes the hairstyle appear lively and multifaceted. The best thing about that: The look is individually adaptable and guaranteed to suit every woman!

You finally want to show your true colours? For colour combination inspiration and techniques, visit our gallery:

Top Care Tips for Dyed Tips:

  • Use a conditioner with a colour protection formula after washing your hair. Rinses are best applied only to the ends anyway, to avoid 'over-nourishing' at the base and scalp – so special care gets to where it is needed.
  • Distribute some hair oil through the lengths and tips. This targeted care lends added brilliance to the colour. The oil also protects against UV rays – which in turn prevents the colour from bleaching quickly.
  • Spray some heat protectant into your hair before styling. With the right protection product, nothing stands in the way of the leading trend looks!