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Warm Hair Colours

The gorgeous yellow, red, and brown fall colours are so pleasing that they inspire us to use these warm hues as hair colours. Golden blonde, hazelnut brown and coppery reds are the preferred hair colours as the colder season starts in the northern hemisphere. We show hairstyles, which will bring out the beauty of the rich warm colours. You may even feel inspired to venture into two-tone hairstyles

We associate certain colours with autumn because they are part of the spectacular colour change in nature when the lush green leaves turn yellow, then red and then brown. Fashion, makeup and hair colours are named after these warm autumn colours and after the rich brown colours of shiny ripe nuts. The palette of natural fall colours includes faint yellow, hazelnut brown, reddish brown, coppery brown and crimson. Nature does colour best, but we can still borrow a tiny slice of the glory for our hair colour.

Warm Hair Colours and Two-Tone Hair

Different hair colour and fashion trends may exist side-by-side. Cool brown shades remain popular in fall and winter. Still, the glowing colours of fall inspire many to change to warm hair colours. People feel the change of seasons and respond to the glowing colours in nature. For a while, the hair colour palette will include the warm colours of autumn.

In nature, leaves gradually lose their green colour and show all kinds of colour transitions from green to red, yellow, beige, and brown. Such colour transitions are also part of the current two-tone hair fashion. An easy way to rival Mother Nature in her colour play is to dip and dye parts of your hair in different fall colour hues or shades.

Warm Hair Colours for Pale Complexions

The colours of autumn radiate warmth. Women with pale complexions can borrow some of this rich warmth. In the fall and winter seasons when the sun is less intense and the days are shorter, autumn colours add a vibrant glow to the appearance.   

Best Combination of Warm Fall Colours and Hairstyles

Hair in the warm colours of autumn shows all its beauty when the styling is kept simple or casual. Simple or even undone hairstyles leave the stage entirely to the hair colour and shading. You may like to use some hair wax to push your hair into the desired shape. Loose braids or improvised braided hair elements also work well. Hair colour and hairstyle will both be natural and playful.  

The hair of the models in our photo gallery glows in the colourful hues of autumn.

Gallery: Warm Hair Colours