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Trend Hairstyles and Hair Colors for Fall and Winter 2018

New season, new styles. We'll reveal which looks will be hot in fall and winter 2018. The colder months are going to be anything but dull!

The last days of summer are slowly coming to an end. For those still mourning the summer a little: Don’t be sad! Fall and winter 2018 is on the way – and bringing so many great new looks with it. What unites them all: These styles radiate self-confidence, and they’re begging to be worn by someone radiating exactly that vibe. We’re in the midst of another era of self-determined, strong women. Sounds good – right ladies? So check out our favorite hair color and style favorites for this fall and winter.

These hairstyles and hair colors are on trend in fall and winter 2018

1) Warm hair colors

Warm hair colors are the perfect antidote to the autumn blues. They also flatter the complexion. Copper shades and brunette hues such as toffee, chocolate and nougat (which not only sound delicious, but look tasty, too!) are also in demand. Light blond is similarly in style, but last year’s cool icy blonds have given way to beige blond with warm undertones.

Dare to be a little flashy? As seen here on the Jeremy Scott catwalk.

2) Bright neons

Alongside warm hair colors, super bright tones are here to lighten the mood. Neon pink or glowing orange? Yeah! These shocks of bright color look coolest on shorter hair. Perfect: A pixie or geometrically cut bob. Tip: Bright dyes take best on light-colored hair. If you have a dark natural shade, you’ll need to lighten your hair in advance.

3) Braids and ponytails

We love braids and ponytails literally all year round. So what’s new? Very long braided or tied-back hair. Braids and ponytails sit low at the nape. Of course, those with short hair can’t just grow an XXL mane overnight. Cheating is allowed – try clip-in extensions.

Beautiful everyday look: Soft waves, as seen here at Balmain and on numerous other runways.

4) Soft waves

Speaking of long hair: Soft, big waves are hot now, too. This look is great for all those end-of-year festive season parties. In summer we wore our waves “undone” – a bit like after a day at the beach. But now, big curls are glamorous again. Gloss sprays and styling cream help. Tip: Before you style, use a hair mask after washing your hair. This will give you the necessary extra shine later on.

5) Messy top knot

No time for fancy waves? Style your hair into a messy top knot. What’s new for this style in fall 2018: Roots and mid-lengths are styled very sleek, while the top knot itself can be wild and messy. Styling tip: Hang your head upside down to create a ponytail. Lightly tease the lengths of the ponytail and twist them into a bun. Smooth roots with some hair balm and finish with a little hairspray.

Back to the 80s: Marc Jacobs went retro at his fall/winter show. We love it!

6) 80s styles

First the nineties, now the eighties. What does this tell us? Everything comes back around again. And we love it! Haircuts from the eighties that are rocking again: the bowl cut, and a very angular bob (or long bob) with bangs. Incidentally, these styles are even cooler when worn in a trendy neon color. It doesn’t get much sassier than this!

7) Hair clips and headbands

How do you turn a regular hairstyle into a trendy look in no time at all? With headbands and hair clips. The latter are best placed in the sides of the hair – try two or three slides stacked together. It’s a perfect way to mask that you are growing out your bangs. And team a wide or narrow headband with a ponytail or bun for a sporty look that’s street-style ready!

This voluminous blow wave (spotted at Moschino) isn’t just a runway look. It’s perfect for every day – wear it to the office.

8) Volume plus long bangs

Voluminous style and long bangs (styled straight or sideways) are also trendy in fall and winter 2018. These looks are reminiscent of the sixties, but can be reinterpreted for today with cool, modern outfits. These voluminous ‘dos are anything but stuffy. Tip: When styling for volume, dry shampoo or volume powder can lend a helping hand.