Frau mit langen Haaren und rotem Blazer
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These are the Trend Hair Colors for the Summer

While muted, darker colors are in demand in winter, summer puts us in the mood for bright, radiant tones and sunny highlights. Want to know which shades and techniques to wear now? We present: The hottest, most gorgeous trend colors of summer

Our catchphrase for summer? “Back to nature!” The natural look is hotter than ever. We’re opting for shades and dyeing techniques to make gorgeous, natural hair colors shine. Spring’s cool color palette has been replaced by warm, natural hues. Sunny highlights bring summer to your hair. The rule: Less is more. Warm brunette shades meet natural, flowing color transitions. This season’s trend hair colors sound delicious: Caramel, honey blond, sorbet and “blorange” read like the ingredient list for a sweet summer cocktail!

This summer’s most gorgeous trend hair colors

Model with summer trend hair color blorange

Blond, meet orange: Blorange is a fruity summer cocktail for blond hair.

Metallic tones such as gold, bronze and copper bring beautiful, reflective light to the hair, giving natural hair color more depth. Golden blond and honey blond give blonds a warm glow. Redheads can place their bets on copper. Use hair dye to easily achieve this season’s trend colors at home!

Woman with trend hair color metallic copper

Copper-colored hair, reminiscent of sunsets, is hot for the summer

Brunette? Try caramel. Caramel highlights add warm accents to brown through to dark brown hair – a perfect summer look. Try the natural highlighting technique balayage for a nice and natural caramel tone.

Blonds can give their hair a soft glow with pastel nuances. So-called sorbet or ice-cream colors look cute this season and will immediately make you think of summertime. If you only want to change your hair temporarily (maybe for a hot summer weekend) you can do it yourself. The perfect product: Pastel-colored sprays that last up to three washes.

The trend hair color blorange brings summery warmth to cool blond tones. As the name implies, blorange sees blond hair gain a juicy, delicious hint of orange thanks to dye or toner.

How to maintain your trend hair color this summer

Woman with blond hair in summer dress

Warm blond tones that shine like liquid honey or gold and beautifully reflect the sunshine are in demand this summer.

Want to enjoy a new color this summer? You’ll need to give it the right care. A color protection shampoo and conditioner with a UV filter should form the basis of your care routine. These products will protect your color from fading. Try not to wash your hair too often, as this can throw it out of balance. If your hair gets oily fast, use dry shampoo in between washes: You can find dry shampoo designed specifically for blond and brunette hair. As the sun and color treatments can quickly dry out your hair, apply a deep conditioner or mask once a week.